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Caravan World is the definitive guide that gives caravanners the know-how and confidence to pursue their touring dreams. At its heart, Caravan World is committed to enabling caravan travel in Australia, through informed testing of RV products, helpful tips and advice and showcasing great destinations and activities.

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john ford

It’s not every year a magazine can celebrate two significant milestones so close together. No sooner than the dust had settled on the cork-popping party around our 600th issue did we start preparations for our 50th anniversary. But the celebrations have been dampened somewhat by the need for social distancing and the fact we are all working from home or remotely. So, while we look forward to getting back together, I am grateful of the efforts everyone at the Caravan World team has contributed under very trying circumstances. The second Victorian lockdown has been a real blow to the industry, coming just when things were looking up. Thanks also to the support of readers and advertisers for what we do in changing times and the travails of the virus. This issue we…

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queenslanders get 'brassy'

The town of Stanthorpe is a well known destination within Queensland's Granite Belt Wine region, and has been more popular that ever recently as Queenslanders explore local delights after the easing of lockdown. Winter in Stanthorpe is known as 'Brass Monkey Season', because it gets 'cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey' — at least by Queensland standards. Although the expression from which the name is derived is a bit cheeky, it is in fact a nautical reference. A brass monkey, in sailing terms, refers to brass surface alongside a canon that's used to store canon balls. When the temperature dropped and the brass shrank, the balls would all tumble off. This explanation is somewhat ironically given on a plaque beside a brass statue of a monkey in Stanthorpe's…

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take charge of your next trip with battery world

Australian battery retailer, Battery World, is giving eight Aussies the chance to win $5000 to help them power through to their next big trip. Battery World has been a supplier of power solutions to remote travellers for more than 20 years, and hopes to encourage caravanners and campers not to lose hope among ongoing travel uncertainty by supercharging the plans of eight lucky customers. Battery World’s General Manager Johnny Kennedy explains: “The COVID-19 pandemic has been a trying time for many Aussie families and businesses. All of our locally-owned stores have seen the struggle in their communities, and as a company, we wanted to create a $5000 prize for eight lucky winners in a bid to spread some joy and to help fulfil Australians’ dreams of adventures and getting back on the…

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little gems caravans

Ten years ago, John Burke bought the concept design that became Explorer Motorhomes, and the 4WD motorhome with a one-piece fibreglass body which went on to become extremely popular. Burke is now the sole distributor in Australia for Wingamm Caravans from Italy. Wingamm has a proud history dating back to 1977. It builds a unique monocoque caravan with a one-piece fibreglass body. The company says there are no seams to leak, and the vans are stronger with better insulation. The caravans will be marketed under the name Little Gem Caravans. The smaller model, the Weekender, is 4.9m (16ft 1in) long and is built on an AL-KO chassis with an ATM of 1300kg. Burke’s wife originally bought one of these for her solo trips and loved it so much he decided to import…

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shut down time

Around Australia, there has been a bit of a clanging sound going on in various places, mostly at state borders, as they clanged shut after briefly being open (e.g. NSW/Qld) or closed having been open until recently (e.g. NSW/Vic). Within Victoria, the other clanging sound has been that of caravan manufacturers shutting the factory gates after the COVID-19 lockdown was put in place. While that’s sadly no different from any other manufacturers, it’s created a problem within the Australian caravan industry generally because 85 per cent of caravan manufacture are within a fairly tight area in greater Melbourne, mostly around Campbellfield. For logistical reasons, suppliers and component importers are located within the same area. Thus, dealers in the rest of the country who have been enjoyed something of a minor boom in…

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ute vs wagon

It’s been 12 months or so since we upgraded from our long-serving Patrol wagon to a Ford Ranger Raptor ute. It’s been an interesting transition with some instant wins, and some other challenges. Wagons have arguably been the mainstay of most touring setups, as they are able to comfortably accommodate the family, and offer good towing capacity and comfort thanks to coil suspension. Utes, on the other hand, have more truck-like origins, with their work-based design, reduced levels of noise dampening, and stiff rear leaf suspension. For four-wheel driving, they have longer overhangs, reduced ramp-over angles and often less clearance. But they work well for tradies and can adapt to a variety of roles, especially with a few mods. Vehicles such as the Raptor blur the lines. Fitted with long travel rear…