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Caravan World

Caravan World Issue 558

Caravan World is the definitive guide that gives caravanners the know-how and confidence to pursue their touring dreams. At its heart, Caravan World is committed to enabling caravan travel in Australia, through informed testing of RV products, helpful tips and advice and showcasing great destinations and activities.

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2 min.
looking forward

Two significant things have happened here at Caravan World (CW) in the past month; both signalling the end of an era but exciting times ahead for our magazine. Firstly, it is with a heavy heart I have to announce that CW editor-at-large Max Taylor has hitched up and headed off out of CW HQ for the last time. Max, who was CW's fourth (and first male!) editor in its 46-year history, steered this ship from 2007 until earlier this year, when he moved into the position of editor-at-large. Max has played a hugely significant role in the Australian caravan industry during his time at CW and this was reinforced when he was inducted into the Caravan Industry Association of Victoria's Hall of Fame (for Media) earlier this year his for outstanding commitment…

5 min.
up front

CAMPERVANS WITH ‘OFFENSIVE SLOGANS’ BANNED IN QLD Vehicles with ‘offensive slogans’ splashed across them will have their registrations cancelled under a new law to be introduced in Queensland. If passed by parliament, the new law, which includes commercial vehicles and RVs, could spell the end of offensive slogans and advertising used by companies such as Wicked Campers. Wicked Campers, which is a Queensland-registered company, has long come under fire for sexist, derogatory and obscene slogans plastered across its nation-wide fleet of rental campervans, popular with backpackers and budget campers. Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the Queensland Government would introduce the legislation after listening to community concern about inappropriate advertising on vehicles. “With this legislation, vehicles registered in Queensland that display sexist, obscene or otherwise offensive advertising will face the prospect of having their registration cancelled,”…

2 min.
in the spotlight

Phil has been driving, testing and writing about cars since his early 20s for a variety of newspapers and magazines, including Wheels, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, South China Morning Post, 4x4 Australia and Motor. He began tow-testing on a 4WD magazine before joining CW as chief tow-tester and general tech-head in 2007. The caravanning bug bit soon after and he bought his first van, a 1979 Viscount Grand Tourer, which he restored before selling it. Phil now combines his love of all things automotive with RVs. Your favourite place in Australia to visit and why? Kakadu National Park. Steeped in Aboriginal history, a beautiful place to camp and with the best swimming holes I’ve ever seen Your top mechanical tip for life on the road? Check, check and re-check the basics: fluids, tyre pressures and…

5 min.
letter of the month

FAMILY FUN Here is a photo (above) of our recent long weekend away to Cundle Flats farm on the Manning River on the NSW north coast. No mobile coverage so the kids had no choice but to enjoy the river and totem tennis all weekend rather than their iPads. They had a ball. Here are the kids getting ready to watch the NRL grand final via satellite. Best weekend in a long time. Claudio Salinas Via email DREAMING OF THE APPLE ISLE To share Michael Sheridan’s comment on taking a caravan to Tasmania (CW557), we are currently travelling around Australia and, although having been to Tassie before, we would love to go again but the cost to get ouR van over there is too much. I googled the costs and found it would be…

5 min.
in focus

Need help with a technical or towing problem? While it’s true that a caravan doesn’t have mechanical components per se – there is no engine or transmission – there are many moving parts that can fail if you don’t keep them updated. Luckily, in a caravan, you don't find many of them. A caravan’s running gear is very basic, yet the number of things that can and do go wrong might surprise you. Usually it is a lack of maintenance because the trap that is easy to fall for is to focus too much on the tug’s maintenance and worn parts replacement and to ignore the caravan. A caravan’s running gear will wear out, too. Even though wear depends on how you use your caravan – for example, if you tow it only…

3 min.
q & a

CRUISE NO CONTROL? I refer to you writing in CW 556 about not towing in cruise control. I have always felt the same but now own a 3L VE Holden sedan and the handbook for this car recommends towing in cruise control. I now abide by this and so far without problems. I get very good pet-rol consumption (12-14L/100km.) while towing my 1380kg van. The handbook states maximum weight to pull is 1600kg and recommends a WDH. Strangely, Holden doesn’t quote maximum tow-ball weight in this handbook, just advising about 10 per cent on the ball should give the best balance. As my van has a 179kg ball weight, I rang Holden’s customer service department to find out if this was okay. They were unable to advise me so put me through to a…