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Caravan World is the definitive guide that gives caravanners the know-how and confidence to pursue their touring dreams. At its heart, Caravan World is committed to enabling caravan travel in Australia, through informed testing of RV products, helpful tips and advice and showcasing great destinations and activities.

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tim van duyl

A SPECIAL THANKS I would like to thank Janina Roque and Nicholas Ramsamy — the designers in charge of the fresh new look you see today. Caravan World had its last redesign back around 2012, and although I am proud of where it was last issue (and the issues before), I am pleased I took their advice on investing in the new look. Putting this issue and the last side by side made me realise how much difference their specialist training and extra effort has added value to the magazine. Many thanks to you both, as I know your work can often go without recognition. With such a massive and positive change, we can all step up and continue to achieve more. NEW LOOK, OLD FAVOURITES With changes, come some positional updates. Malcolm…

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qld van safety program returns for 2018

QUEENSLAND RENEWS SAFETY CHECKS Caravanning Queensland has renewed its free RV safety check days, for a fourth year. CEO Ron Chapman says, thousands of caravans and other recreational vehicles take to Queensland’s roads every year and safety should be of the utmost importance. “The safety check days allow caravan and recreational vehicle owners to have their vehicles inspected and weighed to ensure they meet Australian design rules and road safety regulations,” Mr Chapman says. “As caravanning grows in popularity, so too does the need to ensure caravans are operating safely and simple things like adding a tool box to the back, popping a kayak on the roof or even travelling with extra water tanks can cause the van or vehicle to become overweight, and overweight loads are dangerous loads. “We also check to make sure…

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australian made

“AUSTRALIANS SPEND A LOT OF TIME IN THEIR CARAVANS. OUR INTERIORS NEED TO BE AS TOUGH AS OUR EXTERIORS” Enterprising expats and Willow RV co-founders Eddie Wills and Ian Jow understand your average Aussie overlander. Although racking up at least a decade of experience in local RV manufacture each, the two bring outsider perspectives, initially establishing their careers in South Africa and the UK respectively. Eddie says Aussies travel greater distances compared to South African campers who stay at one destination for three weeks at a time, predominantly dining outdoors. But in Australia, cold snaps factor into our climatic extremes driving campers indoors. “Australians [comparably] spend a lot of time in their caravans. Our interiors need to be as tough as our exteriors,” Eddie explains. Sharp observations like these have helped shape the burgeoning…

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brighter future

“ONE THING I DID NOTE IN MY TRAVELS, IS THE INCREASED PREVALENCE OF ELEVATING BEDS FITTED TO MOTORHOMES" Just last week, I spent some time looking over motorhomes from Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, France, Britain and Spain. Where was I? Three hours away from the east coast of Australia in Auckland, New Zealand. Yes, you can if you wish, see any number of motorhome products from international manufacturers. There are even a few North American-built motorhomes as well, but given the road widths, they are not as popular. I was roaming around in a German-built Bürstner Lyseo using it as a mobile office and accommodation while I was there. It was in many ways, a typical German-built motorhome, based on a Fiat Ducato chassis and having a layout that made…

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paying it forward

“HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT THE COST OF … SETTING UP THE BUSINESS IN THE FIRST PLACE, SO YOU CAN ENJOY THIS REMOTE OUTBACK ADVENTURE?” Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run a community store along one of Australia’s great remote outback tracks? The Mt Dare Hotel on the western fringe of the Simpson Desert; Cameron Corner store in outback New South Wales; or the Kunawarritji Community store on the Canning Stock Route. On the plus side, you’d meet a lot of interesting people from all walks of life; people with a sense of adventure and a zest for life. And you’d see all sorts of vehicles, from motorbikes, 4WDs, custom offroad vehicles, tractors and even the odd walker with a camel. On the negative side, being so remote, it…

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travel happy

Michael and Maureen were at Graeme Claxton Reserve, SA, when they snapped a photo of their 2011 LandCruiser 200 Series and 2012 New Age Jewel 21ft rig. The couple from City Beach, WA, have traversed the Nullarbor to the east and back three times. “We always stop off at Graeme Claxton Reserve on the Murray River near Cadell, SA, on our way to and from Mildura, Vic, where Maureen's mother lives.” Having wandered more than 35,000kms, the couple say this site is their favourite, closely followed by Oura Beach on the Murrumbidgee River in NSW. “If there are better sites, hopefully we will find them on our future trips,” writes Maureen. Vincent and Lynne Burling posed for this photo on a trip through central NSW on the way to do the…