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December 2020

Published by TI Media Limited Chat it’s fate is the leading psychic magazine everyone trusts. No other publication has the content and variety of our paranormal true life stories, which make readers gasp in awe but, believe us, every word is true. Our 13 columnists are Britain’s foremost psychics and they solve problems on anything from love, past lives, to dreams and spirit guides. They have helped thousands and guide readers on their psychic path. Other features are positively mind-expanding as they explore every singe possible spiritual dimension. We are the perfect medium for the lovers of the paranormal.

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mother’s nightmaare

Carol Corr, 48, from Belfast Blustering into my house, arms full of shopping bags, my daughter Joleen immediately took charge. ‘Right, Mammy, what needs to be done?’ she said briskly. The eldest of my five kids, she’d almost been a second mum to her younger siblings, helping out with bath times and changing nappies. By her early twenties, Joleen had her own flat just round the corner from my house, but she still popped round every day to give me a hand with the kids – or just to hang out. ‘What do you fancy doing today, Mammy?’ she’d ask me. ‘How about an eyebrow tint and gossipy lunch?’ She called those girlie days her ‘Me and Mam quality time’. Joleen was bright and independent with everything going for her, until she became mixed up with…

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any body out there?

The universe is always trying to communicate with us, to guide us and connect with us, but the problem is, we don’t always see the signs – or if we do, we just put them down to coincidence. But sometimes, we are able to trust our intuition and accept the message the universe is trying to send us – as Carol Corr did when she saw the rainbow sent to her by her daughter in spirit, Joleen. She knew immediately that it was Joleen telling her that she was at peace now. Of course, rainbows aren’t the only means by which spirit, or the universe, communicates with us. If you keep hearing the same song on the radio, seeing the same numbers around you, or having repetitive dreams, the universe may…

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outer source

DEMON DOLL Locals in Old Swan, Liverpool have been spooked by the appearance of a creepy ‘cursed’ doll nailed to a tree. The Liverpool Echo reported that it was first spotted by Old Swan resident Dawn Hall, who passes the tree, near a busy road junction, every day on the way to work. She said of the doll, which is made from cloth and has a sign saying ‘Evil live (sic) here’ attached to it, ‘It looks like it’s been there for a while...Now I’ve taken pictures of it, I feel spooked and wondering, am I cursed now?’ Old Swan has a spooky history – in 1973, 3,561 bodies were found buried in coffins piled 16 deep in St Oswald’s Street. To this day, nobody knows why they were there or what…

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forgive and forget

Take this class to: • Let go of harmful anger • Understand the power of forgiveness • Move towards an enlightened state In every religion and belief system, forgiveness is a must. Jesus himself said of those who murdered him as he was dying on the cross, ‘Father forgive them for they know not what they do.’ (Luke 23:34). In Islam, the Qur’an states: ‘Although the just penalty for an injustice is an equivalent to retribution, those who pardon and maintain righteousness are rewarded by God. He does not love the unjust.’ (Qur’an 42:40). According to Judaism, forgiveness is a pious act, and Buddhists believe that forgiveness and atonement are important steps on the path to enlightenment. Of course, forgiveness is often easier said than done. If someone has wronged you, it can be really…

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child's play

Becky Cousins, 29, from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire As the car sped up the M40, my friend and colleague Shamime Mathu was scrolling through her phone. It was March 2020, and we were on our way to Cannock Chase in Staffordshire. This dark forest of towering pine trees is said to be the lair of one of the UK’s most notorious spooks, the mysterious Black-Eyed Child. The freaky phantom, which takes the form of a little girl, is said to scream at passers by and stare at them through spine-chilling coal-black eyes. And if that sounds really creepy – well, that was the whole point! Together with Kane Ward, my other team mate from paranormal investigation team Paranormal Expo UK, we were heading to Cannock Chase, Staffordshire for a ghost hunt. ‘Check this out,’ Shamime…

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make me a mum

Sara Powell-Davies, 47, from Caerphilly Sauntering through our hotel lobby one morning, a sign caught my eye. Hear your fortune! Psychic readings, palm reading and tarot cards. It was 2005, me and my then-boyfriend Peter were on holiday in Antigua, trying to decide between a lazy day by the pool or a trip to the beach. ‘How about a palm reading?’ I grinned, tugging Peter’s arm. ‘It might be fun.’ Truth was, I really didn’t believe in psychics, I just thought it might be an interesting way to pass an hour. Something a bit different. The fortune teller turned out to be a lady from Cornwall in a summer dress. Not a crystal ball or fringed shawl in sight. Me and Peter weren t actually married at that stage, but she told me we’d have two…