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Classic Racer takes you so close you can actually smell the Castrol R. With the world's finest archive, and an editorial team who live and breathe the sport, the only way you'll get closer will be to put on your leathers.

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ahh yes... promo pics...

We love this photo – so much so that we thought we would have a bit of fun with it. So it’s another of our ‘spot ‘em and jot ‘em’ moments in CR. We will make it easy to get you started. We won’t even identify the riders in the photo. So, the racing game is afoot. Tell us the riders, the location, the year and EVERY person you can see in the photo (including Martyn). Full names where you can. Email the answers to Malc (mwheeler@mortons.co.uk). There’s no prize for this, but we’ll be impressed and we might feature the result somewhere in the next issue. And the lights go out! Go, go, go!…

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no quarter asked...

Thirty years ago the 250cc GP championship was brutal. With Sito Pons (1) taking seven wins across the year you could be forgiven – should you only be going by results alone – for thinking that most races were a foregone conclusion, especially so when the next most successful race winner was the German Reinhold Roth, with two trips to the top of the podium. In truth, the scraps on track were breathtaking to watch.Yes, Pons was on fire, but holding off the collective charges of Jean-Phillipe Ruggia (7), Juan Garriga (Pac-man on top of the helmet, obscured), Carlos Cardus (8) and the rest of the outrageously-talented pack wasn’t easy. These were the glory days of the quarter-litre class, a time when many marvelled at the skills on show most Sundays. Isn't…

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#2 it's the classic racer crossword!

The time is here once again, when we can all settle down and pit our wits against the heady combination of black and white boxes, steered only by the feverishly-clever mind of Classic Racer’s own Ben Rumbold. In short, whet your racing whistle with the CR crossword. Fill in all the answers, include your details on the form and send it to Classic Racer Towers. Get it to us by 9am, June 3, 2019 and if correct your entry will go into the upturned helmet from where one winning entry will be drawn by a blindfolded Malc (after he’s written something about a recent trip to Daytona, which he still hasn’t stopped going on about). The first entrant out of the lid-of-fun will win the exquisitely finished, iconic bit of head protection…

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readers write

IN RESPONSE TO SYLVAIN Dear CR Your correspondent Sylvain Jégo is hoping to identify the frame of the bike he’s just bought. It bears some similarity to a Jim Lee framed Yamaha TR2B I owned and raced back in 1974. The swinging arm looks like it might be chromed, or more likely nickel plated, as mine was. The front end is completely different as far as I can see, and the drive is on the opposite side. The frame itself looks quite similar though. I’ve no idea what the frame number of mine was, but it did have some distinctive repairs which could identify it as my old bike, but more likely it is a similar one of Jim’s very nicely handling frames. Please feel free to pass on my email address to Sylvain and…

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flying haggis remembered in style

This year’s Isle of Man ClassicTT will celebrate the career of the late Steve Hislop, one of the greatest British motorcycle racers of all time. Entitled ‘Back to the Future: The Hizzy Years’ the celebration takes place 30 years after Steve set the first ever 120mph lap around the Mountain Course. The parade lap will see the career of the enigmatic Scottish rider recognised with many of his most memorable racing machines ridden by former team-mates, rivals and friends. Four-time World Superbike champion and TT winner Carl Fogarty, who was both a team-mate and rival to Hislop, will head the line-up. The hotly-contested 1992 Senior TT race, which saw the lead change hands multiple times before Hislop prevailed by 4.4sec, is widely acknowledged to be the greatest TT race of all time. Fans’ favourite…

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100th tt races celebrated

Following the lead set by The Carole Nash International MotorCycle Show in April, the Jurby-based Isle of Man TT Museum will be marking the 100th Tourist Trophy Meeting during the 2019 TT. To celebrate the milestone, the team at the Isle of Man Motor Museum in Jurby has launched a new exhibition featuring a motorcycle from each year of racing. Beginning in 1907, the TT has run every year apart from during the two world wars and a foot and mouth outbreak in the UK in 2001. Darren Cunningham, who established the museum with his father Denis, says the unique display is a must for all bike fans: “We are bringing together a display featuring one motorcycle from each year the TT was held. It will be a unique collection of 100…