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Classic Racer July - August 2019

Classic Racer takes you so close you can actually smell the Castrol R. With the world's finest archive, and an editorial team who live and breathe the sport, the only way you'll get closer will be to put on your leathers.

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inching it...

One has the line, the other wants it more. Jim Redman and Tom Phillis ring the necks of their 298cc Honda 4s in 1961, shoulder-to-shoulder in the Race of the Year. For Jim this was three years before he (arguably) reached the headiest of heights in his career. For Tom it was a racing moment in a season that saw him take Honda’s first championship race win at the Spanish GP on the 125, before building on that pace to lift the crown on the smaller bike. Phillis lost his life when he crashed in the 350cc TT at Laurel Bank a year later. On hearing of his friend’s death Redman was reported to have asked Mike Hailwood: “What shall we do, stop?” Only to have Mike the Bike reply: “No. Make a…

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riiiing... ding... ding... ding...

We will start you off with Ago next to Read but after that, it’s over to you. Yes, it’s another in our long line of ‘email Malc with the names of everyone on the entire grid’ archive shots. Amusingly, it means that Malc gets a lot of emails through and he doesn’t know why (until he sees the magazine himself). Recently, whilst out in Daytona for the 200, Malc said he knew the moment CR went on sale because he suddenly received a lot of emails all with a list of riders’ names as the content. If that’s not enough to get you to send your entry in, then we don’t know what will. It’s just a bit of fun – there’s no prize for getting this correct or being first other than bragging rights…

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‘come on then, stop us striking!’

Things had been growing tense in the world of motorcycle racing – on the riders’ side frustrations were rising to almost pique in Grand Prix. Riders were fed up with a promoter-biased recipe of dangerous tracks and poor money. By the late 1970s Kenny Roberts tried to start a ‘breakaway’ world series which never got off the ground, not least of all because some of the biggest names of the time (Wil Hartog being one of them) refused the offer to go racing in this alternative option. Things barely improved over the next couple of years however, and in 1982 the limit of just what the riders were prepared to put up with was reached. At Nogaro, France, a riders’ strike was called. Reasons given for the action by the big names…

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#3 it's the classic racer crossword!

It’s another issue of CR so that means there’s another chance for you to win a great prize. To be in with a chance of winning, just correctly complete the crossword opposite. Once you’ve done that, you need to send the work of mind and black and white boxes to us at CR Towers where Malc will once again delve deep into the upturned helmet of heroes to pluck forth one lucky winner. That lucky winner will not only be able to boast about how they were the best CR Crossword enterer (is that a word? Probably not...) but also be able to strutt around in the paddock or home – or both – whilst wearing a superb RST set of IOM TT leathers. So just fill in all the answers, include…

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readers writer

SETTLE A BET Dear CR As a regular supporter of the Northern Irish road races I feel it is a tragedy that they are under so much pressure in Northern Ireland. Can you settle a bet for me? I have a £10 wager with my friend who is a regular in Northern Ireland and he maintains that the first year he visited the NW200 in 1968 the class was won by Bill Smith on a Honda from Kel Carruthers second and John Hartle third, both on Aermacchis. Our wager revolves around the Honda that won, I say it was one of the very rare ER77s, my mate says it was a rare kitted CB350, which was the forerunner of many, many race kitted CB350s which have dominated classic racing since the early 1960s. Can…

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ago headlines the classic tt

Ten timeTT race winner Giacomo Agostini has confirmed he will appear at this summer’s ClassicTT Races. The legendary Italian, who has 15 world championship titles to his name, will ride the iconic Robert Iannucci owned 350cc MV Agusta ‘Quattro Cilindri’ that was first introduced in the 1972 world championship season – the bike that replaced the hugely successful MV Agusta triples that won the 350cc world championship every year from 1968 to 1973. Agostini’s name is synonymous with the iconic Italian MV Agusta marque that he represented from the 1965 season. He won the 500cc world championship seven times in a row for the Italian manufacturer – also winning six successive 350cc titles on MVs and no less than 10TT races. His career record included 62 500cc and 48 350cc Grand Prix race…