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Conscious Company Winter 2018

Conscious Company is a bi-monthly magazine for and about individuals, companies, and social entrepreneurs who use the power of business as a force for positive change in the world. Through CEO interviews, how-to articles, and thought-leadership essays from experts, we enable and inspire a community centered around purpose-driven work.

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Conscious Company
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we’ve got news!

I’m delighted that we’re beginning this year by officially announcing that Conscious Company Media has been acquired by the SOCAP Group. Through this merger, we are now part of a family of brands at the intersection of business, money, and meaning, including the world-renowned impact investing conference SOCAP (Social Capital Markets). What does this mean for Conscious Company Media? Of course we can’t predict the future, but we do know that this will strengthen our ability to create impact and reach a much broader audience, all while working in coordination with like-minded brands that are doing incredible work in the world. We truly wouldn’t have pursued this merger if it hadn’t seemed like a match made in heaven, and we’re confident that, in the SOCAP Group, we’ve found the perfect…

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letter from the editor

You may notice as you flip through the pages of this issue that it features a disproportionate number of women. This is not an accident. But don’t for a second think that this edition isn’t for men. As my colleague Aaron Kahlow recently put it, “We need more feminine leadership in the world, not just leaders who happen to be women.” What does that mean, exactly? I’m usually wary of dividing the world into neat little categories as the terms “feminine” and “masculine” seem to do, yet over the last few months, as we’ve been working on this issue, I’ve been finding the concept of “feminine leadership” a useful shorthand nonetheless. The Oxford English Dictionary defines “feminine” as “having qualities or an appearance traditionally associated with women,” which I think gets…

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just add purpose

NUUN AT A GLANCE • Location: Seattle, WA • Founded: 2004 • Employees: 154 (54 full-time + 100 part-time Field Hydration Specialists) • Impact: In 2017, in tandem with their customers, Nuun saved over 72 million single-use plastic bottles. • Key Recognition: In 2017, Nuun made the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies for the seventh year in a row; it ranked on Outside’s Best Places to Work List for 2017; and the company reports being the top sports drink product in sports specialty retail. • Structure: Private for-profit; as of May 2017, all full-time employees have ownership through vested options/shares • Memberships: People for Bikes, Conservation Alliance, Clean Sport Collective, Challenged Athletes Foundation • 2017 Revenue: $25 million • Mission statement: “Nuun is hydration that inspires you to move more.” Kevin Rutherford knows a thing or two…

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emotions welcome

Just the other day I was ambushed by an emotion at work. I was listening to my colleagues provide feedback on the presentation I was prepping for a client. As I took notes on one colleague’s ideas — wham! — I was triggered by something he said. Suddenly my attention to the content of the meeting dropped to zero as frustration welled up in me. I felt my shoulders and arms tense and my breathing constrict. In a matter of seconds, I went from a fully engaged employee to a human grappling with feelings — disengaged from the work at hand. Here’s how a simple feeling like frustration becomes a bigger problem: in a typical work environment, where employees are required to repress emotions, I would have to pretend to be…

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is circleup the most equitable way to find investors?

CIRCLEUP AT A GLANCE • Location: San Francisco, CA • Founded: 2012 • Team Members: 55 • Impact: 250+ consumer and retail companies connected to more than $390 million • Structure: Private for-profit • Mission: “To help entrepreneurs thrive by giving them the capital and resources they need.” CircleUp co-founders Rory Eakin and Ryan Caldbeck didn’t set out to tackle the funding gap that plagues female entrepreneurs (in 2016, only 2 percent of venture funding went to women). They just wanted to make it easier for any promising entrepreneur to raise money from accredited investors. “We saw that there were hundreds of thousands of fast-growing businesses across the US that faced a capital need and didn’t have a home in the capital markets,” Eakin says. So they started an investment marketplace to connect people with money to…

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30 world-changing women in conscious business

Half of all humans born on this planet are female. You’d think that would mean that half the heroes we hear about — at work, in school, in the media — would be, too. But we all know the truth is far different, especially in the business world. Only 32 of the Fortune 500 companies have female CEOs. Women receive less than 1 in 5 Academy Award nominations. Even at Conscious Capitalism’s CEO Summit, only three of 19 speakers last year were female. We’d like to change that. Perhaps because we’re a women-led company, we’ve had no shortage of powerful female business role models to inspire and encourage us, especially lately — many of them have already graced our pages, some more than once. And when our co-founder Meghan French Dunbar…