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Conscious Company November/December 2017

Conscious Company is a bi-monthly magazine for and about individuals, companies, and social entrepreneurs who use the power of business as a force for positive change in the world. Through CEO interviews, how-to articles, and thought-leadership essays from experts, we enable and inspire a community centered around purpose-driven work.

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Conscious Company
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how to diagnose your business's unconscious trouble spots

By examining workplace symptoms such as gossip, conflict, and dumb mistakes, it’s possible to diagnose an area of unconsciousness within a company and its leadership team. The following four real-life examples will show you a few common mistakes business leaders make and help you become savvier in your diagnoses. SYMPTOM: BURNED GRILLED CHEESE The owner of a bowling alley watched as an employee walked out of the kitchen with a badly burned grilled cheese sandwich and, apparently without a second thought, served it to a customer who took one look at it and asked for it to be remade. While your company may not serve grilled cheese, there may be other mistakes that seem like they would be easily avoidable if employees showed even an inkling of common sense, attention, or care. COMMON…

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secrets of an ancient-wisdom empire

SOUNDS TRUE AT A GLANCE • Location: Boulder, CO • Founded: 1985 • Employees: 120 • Structure: For-profit • Conscious practice highlights: the newly formed Sounds True Foundation distributes programs to people who would otherwise not have access; the business is 100% wind-powered; the company offers employees a 2:1 match for donations to nonprofits, plus a half day paid per month for volunteering, paid time off for carpooling, and considers birthdays a paid holiday. • Mission statement: “To inspire, support, and serve personal transformation and spiritual awakening.” Tami Simon was a mission-driven entrepreneur before the term even existed. In 1985, at age 22, she launched her multimedia publishing company, Sounds True, to share audio recordings about the world’s wisdom traditions. More than 30 years later, the operation she started with just a cassette dubber in her house…

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can you create conscious culture without using hiring filters?

Earlier this year, my companies, the Porter Group and the Conscious Venture Lab, formed a new partnership with an amazing consulting company from Baltimore. Since its founding 16 years ago, SHIFT, along with CEO Joe Mechlinski, have focused on helping organizations big and small shift the purpose of business away from a myopic focus on profit and towards a force for good in society. One of the things that made the business combination attractive to Joe and me was our collective focus on culture as a driver of organizational performance. In our work together advising established companies and startups, we often pose three related questions: 1) What does it mean to build a conscious, high-performing culture? 2) How do you hire people into an organization who are likely to fit well and…

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a question of merit

BLENDOOR AT A GLANCE • Location: San Francisco, CA • Founded: 2015 • Employees: 5 • Impact: 25,000 candidates and 62 companies using the platform • Structure: Private for-profit • Major funders: Elevate Capital, Pipeline Angels, Backstage Capital, Reshma Saujani (founder of Girls Who Code), Laszlo Bock (former SVP of People Operations at Google) • Mission statement: “To drive better decisions about people based on merit, not molds.” Tell us about Blendoor. What does it do? Stephanie Lampkin: Blendoor is artificial intelligence and people analytics that mitigate unconscious bias, starting with hiring — which basically means that, understanding that people suck at judging other people, we are building technology that enables companies to see the true hireability of a diverse set of candidates, and we use analytics to help them identify where there may be bias happening throughout the…

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culture by design

ASANA AT A GLANCE • Location: San Francisco, CA • Founded: 2008 • Employees: 297 • Structure: Private for-profit • Impact: 25,000+ paying customers • Major funders: Andreessen Horowitz, Benchmark Capital, Founders Fund, Peter Thiel; latest round was Series C led Sam Altman. • Mission statement: “To help humanity thrive by enabling all teams to work together effortlessly” At age 34, Justin Rosenstein has already had more cultural impact than most of us can hope for in a lifetime. In his first job out of Stanford as a product manager at Google, he invented and wrote the original prototype for Gchat in a single overnight coding push. After getting recruited to Facebook by its co-founder Dustin Moskovitz, Rosenstein and a few buddies invented the Like button. Those two inventions alone subtly affect the lives of perhaps a billion…

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what makes a good leader?

ROB CASTANEDA, CEO AND FOUNDER OF SERVICEROCKET • Founded in 2001 • Based in Palo Alto, CA • 250+ Employees • Mission: “Helping enterprises get the most out of their software and transforming the way they do business.” “It’s not a fixed formula that makes a good leader; it’s a balance of contradictions and competing absolutes. It’s someone who is realistic and present, yet an aspirational dreamer. Someone who is flexible enough to deal with the unknown and unexpected, yet consistent and stable enough to give their team the foundation they need. “A good leader acknowledges their faults but seeks to make the most of what they have been blessed with. Their achievements in and of themselves don’t mean much, yet what they enable is cherished. A good leader is knowledgeable but always learning. They believe…