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Spring 2020

Country Gardens® celebrates the spirit and romance of gardening as a lifestyle. Whether you have 40 acres or live 40 stories high, we know that country style is more than a passing fancy, it’s part of our united gardening experience. Country Gardens embodies what today’s gardening enthusiasts are looking for—pretty, straightforward garden advice, casual decorating, old-fashioned garden favorites and tough-as-nails natives, the latest tools and gadgets, garden-fresh recipes, and personal stories that inspire readers to take action.

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country gardens

Editor SUSAN APPLEGET HURST Designer JESSICA ENO Copy Editor ERIKA BJORKLUND Contributing Editor HALEY KNUDSEN, SAMANTHA S. THORPE Proofreader MARTHA COLOFF LONG Contributing Proofreader NANCY MCCLIMEN Administrative Assistant KATIE MORT Contributing Illustrator HELEN SMYTHE HOME Executive Editor SAMANTHA HART Group Editor ANN BLEVINS Senior Editors BRIAN KRAMER, SALLY FINDER WEEPIE, KRISSA ROSSBUND Senior Associate Editor NATALIE DAYTON Design Directors KIMBERLY MORGAN METZ, MICK SCHNEPF Group Art Director NICOLE DEAN TEUT Associate Art Director JESSICA ENO Assistant Art Director EMILY BUTTERWORTH Senior Graphic Designer BRITTANY MUELLER Administrative Assistants RENAE MABIE, SUE MILLER, KIM O’BRIEN-WOLETT Photography Coordinator ALYSSA RICHARDSON FOOD Executive Editor JAN MILLER Senior Content Manager JESSICA SAARI CHRISTENSEN Senior Associate Editor CARRIE BOYD Design Director STEPHANIE HUNTER Associate Art Director RAE DANNEMAN Administrative Assistant COURTNEY BUSH Director, Meredith Test Kitchen LYNN BLANCHARD Culinary Specialists SARAH BREKKE, JULI HALE, COLLEEN WEEDEN Senior Food Stylist GREG LUNA Food Stylists KELSEY BULAT, LAUREN MCANELLY, SAMMY MILA GARDEN Senior Content Manager SUSAN APPLEGET HURST Design Director KIMBERLY…

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i’m in a colorful mood these days.

Spring reminds me of how precious the seasonal changes are and how important it is to pay attention to the moment. I find the energy and anticipation of watching the garden revive itself generates creative impulses in all kinds of activity, including making garden plans and arranging get-togethers with family and friends. By the time daffodils sprout and the serviceberries and magnolias bloom, I have lots of fun planned for my garden. I come up with ways to make more memorable moments, whether that is arranging bouquets for friends or creating art projects inspired by the season. Perhaps that energy comes from a wish for it all to last just a bit longer—to make sure I don’t miss a thing. Several of the stories in this issue of Country Gardens® magazine…

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pretty pick-me-ups

You can spy their bright, welcoming faces in shady spots in early spring. With their petite pinwheel-shape blooms, primroses (Primula spp.) splash their colors across sun-dappled borders and under shrubs and trees. A shade-lover that thrives in rich, moist soil, primrose can be found across the Northern Hemisphere from the Alps to the Himalayas. There are more than 400 species of primrose in various shapes and sizes, lending pretty notes to the garden when winter thaws in Zones 2–9. In the wild, they enjoy a wide range of habitats, from wet bogs and marshlands to summer-dry, well-drained alpine regions. Most of the alpine species are somewhat tricky to grow. They are often planted in containers so they can have ideal soil conditions and are kept in cold frames or greenhouses until…

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no longer adrift

Driftwood’s craggy, natural surface makes it a fitting home for plants to snuggle into. Play upon its tree-remnant history to create wall mounts for epiphytic ferns (staghorn, bird’s nest, rabbit’s foot), jungle cacti (Hatiora, Rhipsalis, Schlumbergera), and bromeliads. These plants grow on trees and rocks in their native rain forests and absorb moisture from the air. For an organic gallery-wall effect, select a variety of driftwood pieces in a mix of shapes and sizes. Water the plants a day before you mount them. Carefully remove each plant from its nursery pot, gently squeezing the soil/root ball to keep it intact, and wrap with layers of damp mosses. (Sphagnum moss can irritate skin, so wear gloves while handling it.) Use monofilament to lash the plant to the driftwood gently but firmly so as…

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mix it up

Big swaths of strident monochrome were the norm when third-generation bulb purveyor Tim Schipper was working on a new niche for family-owned Schipper & Co. USA. In the late 1980s Schipper happened on a display at a golf course that really wowed him: a combination of two tulip varieties blooming at the same time, each color making the other more exciting. The impact provided him game-changing inspiration to create a new division for his family’s business: Colorblends Wholesale Flowerbulbs. The company’s first bulb blend, Hot Hot Hot, was a head-turning duo of bright red and golden yellow tulips, which has remained a top-selling combo. Beyond tulips, Colorblends intermixes daffodils, hyacinths, and crocus and merges muscari with daffodils and tulips to create knockout garden displays. Try Schipper’s tips for combining color, timing,…

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weed barrier basics

Landscape fabric is an often-misunderstood garden tool. When you see black material sticking out from under rocks or along a path, it’s an eyesore. It is useful under concrete pavers or decks where you don’t want anything to grow, and it can help reclaim an area with out-of-control weeds. But to look good and work effectively, it must be used and installed properly. “People shouldn’t have the idea that landscape fabric is a solution for all weeding,” says Ayse Pogue, senior horticulturist at the Chicago Botanic Garden. “It is a short-term solution for a long-term problem because you are always going to need to weed.” Landscape fabric, also known as weed barrier or weed control fabric, is available woven or spun and in different weights, strengths, permeability, and life expectancy. Mesh options…