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Cruising Helmsman December 2019

Cruising Helmsman is devoted exclusively to all types of cruising under sail. We focus on cruising destinations and how to get the most out of them, provide expert advice for the practical sailor and have a range of real-life accounts from seasoned cruisers and their on-board experiences.

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taking our vows

QUITE proud of this last issue for the year, it includes something new and something borrowed; not quite the full traditional Lancashire wedding rhyme but it will do for this humble ‘self-partnered’ magazine! Let me start with the something new. You may notice on page 13 we have a singularly-clever poem written by the inimitable Tony Little. To be sure, he has taken liberties with Banjo Patterson’s ‘Mulga Bill’s bicycle’ iambic pentameter, but I think he has done it justice with his ‘marinised’ version. Enjoy, I hope this starts off a bit of a flurry of classics being rewritten. But that is not what is ‘something new’ with this issue. You may well be aware of the cartoons of the fantastic cruising artist that is Sarah Steenland. I am happy to report that…

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new talent for wooden boat festival

STEVE Knight OAM, chairman of Tasmania’s Australian Wooden Boat Festival has announced the appointment of Paul Stephanus as the general manager replacing Paul Cullen. The MyState Bank Australian Wooden Boat festival is the largest wooden boat festival in the southern hemisphere and one of the largest in the world. “When Paul Cullen, our current general manager, informed us of his intention to step down after the 2019 festival, we knew that we would have a job on our hands to find a replacement.” Mr Knight said. “He has made an enormous contribution to the organisation, overseeing four festivals and building the international reputation of our event. “From a field of more than 45 applicants, we selected a short list of highly talented candidates and finally reached a decision. Paul has been involved…

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coral goes platinum

CORAL Sea Marina Resort in the Whitsundays has been awarded ‘platinum’ accreditation under the global Gold Anchor Scheme. This is the highest possible level of Gold Anchor accreditation. The marina is the first in Queensland to be accredited at this level. The Gold Anchor Scheme is an industry-based customer service accreditation scheme jointly managed by the Marina Industries Association (MIA) and The Yacht Harbours Association (TYHA). There are Gold Anchor accredited marinas in over 25 countries. Coral Sea Marina Resort, formerly Abell Point Marina, is a 520 berth marina at Arlie Beach in the Whitsunday’s region 1,100 kilometres north of Brisbane. The marina resort has over 20 retail, hospitality and tourism tenants, plus the newly acquired Coral Sea Resort Hotel has 77 rooms located on the absolute waterfront, all adding to the…

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amsa release petrol use safety alert

PETROL vapours are denser than air so any petrol leaks or vapours can accumulate in a vessel’s bilge, or in low parts of a cabin if the area is not properly ventilated. When petrol vapours mix with air within a specific concentration range, the mixture becomes explosive. Exposure of accumulated petrol vapours to an ignition source may result in an explosion and fire with potentially catastrophic consequences. POTENTIAL IGNITION SOURCES INCLUDE: • smoking, naked flames or pilot lights• communication equipment eg. mobile phones• portable electrical equipment• fixed electrical systems• hot work eg. welding, grinding and cutting• hot surfaces eg. exhaust pipes, flues and ducting• static electricity• sparks generated by mechanical means eg. hammers and other hand tools. Vessels with non-compliant, or poorly maintained, fuel systems are at a greater risk of explosion or catching…

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four signs of a hurricane-safe marina

STATISTICS prove that hauling your boat out of the water and storing it ashore before a hurricane strikes greatly lowers the chance you will need to file an insurance claim after the storm passes. However, the Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) also knows that it is often not possible to haul every boat out in time. For those boat owners whose options are limited to weathering a storm in a marina, here are four signs that boaters can look for to help them evaluate their own marinas and lower the odds for storm damage. What’s the plan? A marina should have a comprehensive hurricane plan that outlines who does what when a storm approaches. Slipholders should have to sign a pledge to secure boats properly, whether ashore or in…

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report highlights problems ahead

THE Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) launched its ‘Special report on the ocean and cryosphere in a changing climate, last September. This marks the recognition of the ocean as a major challenge of climate change. “Talking about climate change without the ocean, it’s forgetting the heart of the climate machine,” says Françoise Gaill, CNRS, vice-president of the Ocean and Climate Platform. The world’s oceans are at the heart of the planet’s climate system, absorbing more than 25 per cent of the human-produced anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2), every year from the atmosphere. The oceans also provide 50% of the oxygen produced on earth. Up tp date it has absorbed more than 90% of the heat resulting from greenhouse gas emissions, therefore playing an essential part in climate regulation. More than three billion people…