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Cruising Helmsman February 2020

Cruising Helmsman is devoted exclusively to all types of cruising under sail. We focus on cruising destinations and how to get the most out of them, provide expert advice for the practical sailor and have a range of real-life accounts from seasoned cruisers and their on-board experiences.

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tragedy of the commons

AS noted last month I am soon to be jetting off overseas to check out the largest boat show in the world: Boot Dusseldorf. Central Germany in the grips of a standard harsh northern winter! What could possibly go wrong? But, until then, I have the time for one more editor’s comment before the long jet over the equator. Here we are in another southern summer and, while Dusseldorf hits a rainy peak of only ten degrees Celsius, Australia has been sweltering in 40° days across the country. Not only did we break the national maximum average temperature ever recorded: from 40.3° to 40.9°; it took only two more days for that record to be broken again by a whopping full degree, from 40.9° to 41.9°. Across the entire nation. Extraordinary times that led…

2 min.
go west gets thumbs up

COLIN Streeter recently joined with the Down Under Rally people to sail its Loyalty Islands Rally and from New Caledonia to Australia in its Go West Rally. He sent us his report. The Loyalty Islands Rally provides yachts that are heading to New Caledonia from either Fiji or Vanuatu with the opportunity to obtain full inward clearance into the stunningly beautiful Loyalty Islands as opposed to sailing past them to the only official port of entry, which is Noumea, some 150 nautical miles to the west. The Go West Rally facilitates a seamless easy clearance into Australia at Bundaberg, with the usual Australian yacht entry biosecurity fee which was AU$450 for my yacht Island Pearl II in 2019, included in the rally entry fee and therefore paid by the Down Under Rally. There…

2 min.
70 years of rolly

THE Australian, Rolly Tasker, 1926 to 2012, was one of the pioneers in modern yacht racing. Seventy years ago he founded Rolly Tasker Sails with a capital of just 500 Australian dollars, which now is among the world’s largest sailmakers with 2.3 million sold sails mainly for cruising and club racing. In 1956 Tasker won Australia’s first ever Olympic medal in sailing. What followed was a global career in competitive yachting as he became a successful racing sailor of his generation. In the Flying Dutchman class, for example, he more than once competed against the famous Dane Paul Elvstrøm, who in one of his books described Tasker as his most dangerous rival. After the beginnings in Australia, Rolly Tasker opened a Hong Kong branch of his sailmaking firm in 1961. In 1992,…

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antigua to bermuda: what’s not to like?

THE fourth edition of the Antigua Bermuda Race will start from Antigua May 6th 2020. The 935 nautical mile oceanic race is managed by the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club in association with Antigua Sailing Week, supported by Bermuda Tourism Authority and Goslings Rum. The race is designed to suit a wide range of yachts and crew, with memorable parties both in Antigua and Bermuda. After leaving Antigua the fleet pass Barbuda and will be out of sight of land until the finish in Bermuda. The race is an experience of about 1,000 miles of tropical Atlantic sailing - a true blue ocean adventure. Sailing in the deep, competitors will experience reaching conditions in warm oceanic swell and a magical night sky. The race is open to IRC and CSA racing yachts, cruiser…

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maritime museum program for 2020

THE Museum’s 2020 to 2021 blockbuster year will see the majestic and romantic, yet incredibly vulnerable, city of Venice come to life. Visitors will be invited to come explore the famous city’s inhabitants as they live, love, but also deal with climate change: right on the edge of the Adriatic Sea. 2020 marks 250 years since Captain James Cook and the HMB Endeavour charted the east coast of Australia. The Museum’s extensive 14 month ‘Encounters 2020’ program looks at this historic event and its lasting impact on modern Australia. The Museum will journey around the Pacific, meeting the cultures that Cook encountered 250 years ago in exhibitions. In May the Museum will host the bold ‘Defying Empire’ exhibition from the National Gallery of Australia, which explores the ongoing resilience of Australia’s indigenous peoples…

3 min.
letter of the month

FOIL ME ONCE Hi Phil, Loved the foil article, but Kim said (page 62) that, “there is an almost inescapable consequence of creating lift: you generate drag”. Creating lift always involves drag. Ask Newton. Wish he was right, I could build myself a perpetual motion machine! Regards DOUG PARSONS Kim Klaka replies: Is induced drag the inescapable consequence of producing lift? Surprisingly not; a foil can, in theory, generate lift without incurring the penalty of induced drag. The explanation that follows might seem a bit divorced from real life but it offers insight into the designing of efficient foils. While my original article was about underwater lifting foils, the theory is the same for keels, sails, rudders and aeroplane wings. It is probably easiest to explain by imaging an aircraft wing. When a wing (foil) is at an angle…