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Cruising Helmsman July 2020

Cruising Helmsman is devoted exclusively to all types of cruising under sail. We focus on cruising destinations and how to get the most out of them, provide expert advice for the practical sailor and have a range of real-life accounts from seasoned cruisers and their on-board experiences.

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all time high

THE wife and I recently took a day to drive the 400 kilometres from our home in Sydney to take a look at a four week old litter of chocolate labrador puppies. After five years since our last lab., Monty, passed on and years after the reason for having a dog had passed, i.e. a household pet for the children, we were now looking at taking on a new pet. Why? Here we are in our ‘close-to-retirement’ age and all the opportunities that can open up and we are looking, once again, at the commitment having a pet entails. Once again we would have to think twice about taking holidays; once again we would be carrying out the daily backyard search for the dreaded land mines; once again we would be sweeping…

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multihull solutions virtual showground

Multihull Solutions has launched a virtual boat show allowing buyers to inspect its large range of new and preowned range of catamarans and trimarans on its website. The concept was created in response to the restrictions boat buyers have experienced inspecting boats following the postponement or cancellation of major boat shows due to the Covid-19 crisis. While the Multihull Solutions out-of-water boat show display on the Gold Coast has remained open, visitors have been limited to inspecting boats by appointment only and many clients have been unable to travel to see the boats in person. The new Multihull Solutions virtual boat show features full interactive walk-through facilities of its power and sail catamarans allowing clients to still inspect boats of interest from the safety of their own homes. “We worked tirelessly to get…

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sea mercy provides fijian cyclone relief

Humanitarian group Sea Mercy has landed its first container of essential supplies for water treatment, shelter and clean up following the devastation caused by Category 5 Cyclone Harold. Sea Mercy responded to Vanuatu’s needs, post-Cyclone Pam, five years ago and used over 60 Sea Mercy disaster response vessels to respond to Fiji’s Cyclone Winston in 2016. Sea Mercy has once again mobilised in response to Harold, utilising precious local knowledge gained from those two earlier missions. Working locally, Sea Mercy Fiji’s President Nigel Skeggs quickly assembled a container full of desalination units, water containers, tarps and tents for shelter and tools for clean-up and rebuild. “Thanks to lessons learnt from Cyclones’ Pam and Winston, we have a warehouse in Fiji with portable desalination units, water filters, tents, and tools ready to go.…

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container recovery a success

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has led an operation to recover containers lost from the YM Efficiency off the NSW coast back in June 2018. In eaarly May the vessel MV Pride returned to Port of Newcastle for the final time to discharge containers and pollution recovered from the ocean floor. The recovery operation began on April 3 and has seen 63 containers and tonnes of associated pollution successfully recovered from the ocean. AMSA’s General Manager of Response Mark Morrow said that the operation has been a complete success. “We thank the seafarers from both Australia and overseas who have completed this work away from their homes and families in this time of a global pandemic. “By recovering these containers and the tonnes of plastic and other rubbish contained inside we have…

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best of the web

COVID CHAOS The use of the word ‘unprecedented’ in so many different media stories is, quite frankly, unprecedented. As governments around the world struggle to cope with the continuing crisis, the confusion tends to filter down to the average citizen in so many ways. Including those who wish to go sailing. The Boating Industry Association is, naturally, keen to see everyone back out on the water; so it means they are trying hard to keep up with each jurisdiction’s ruling on what is allowed to happen and what is not. Even they are confused. By the time you read this it may have settled down somewhat but, way back in late May, this article was popular reading. Of course this confusion is not restricted to sailors. It was also prevalent in the police forces. Here at Cruising…

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sailing ferries for marshall islands

AN Australian designed green-shipping solution has won the confidence of researchers tasked with determining how the annual consumption of 1,250,000 litres of petrol used by small boats in the Marshall Island archipelago can be reduced. The Harryproa mini cargo ferry (MCF), designed by Queensland company Harryproa, delivers ease of construction and operation, low cost, along with a high payload. The MCF is exclusively sail-powered, producing a zero emissions craft for lagoon and coastal use. In keeping with traditional Marshallese craft, the MCF carries a Polynesian rig and is steered by oar. Simplicity of construction exemplifies the versatility of the MCF. The hulls and beams are built from half sheets of plywood, fibreglass cloth and epoxy resin. There is one simple curve to cut and no need to use power tools, metal fastenings or…