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Cruising Helmsman September 2020

Cruising Helmsman is devoted exclusively to all types of cruising under sail. We focus on cruising destinations and how to get the most out of them, provide expert advice for the practical sailor and have a range of real-life accounts from seasoned cruisers and their on-board experiences.

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a heavy heart

A year filled with tragedy seldom misses everyone. The sailing fraternity has not been immune. In the last three months the world has lost two giants: one to this horrific virus besetting the globe; the other, it is sad to say, was probably a more humane passing for all concerned, but no less devastating. For thirteen years, Patrick Childress and his wife Rebecca travelled the world aboard their yacht, The Brick House. Known world wide for their online video adventures, this was a couple, while in the later years of their lives, were living another brand new one. Caught in South Africa in preparation to make the jump across the south Atlantic, the virus caught them both; ironically, while waiting for the enforced lockdown to end. Rebecca survived but Patrick succumbed to the…

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gps compromised in usa

AMERICA’S largest advocacy, services and safety group for recreational boaters, Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS), noted an April 22 decision by the US Federal Communications Commission to allow mobile satellite services operator Ligado Networks to build and operate a land-based industrial 5G wireless network will negatively impact the reliability of the nation’s global positioning system impacting boating safety. Ligado’s slice of licensed L-Band spectrum designated for space-based navigation and communications is located near lower frequency bands used by hundreds of millions of GPS units. BoatUS believes that as the Ligado network is rolled out, instances of signal interference will increase. This will give current GPS users no choice but to either purchase new GPS units or potentially suffer continued interference. The loss of a GPS signal at a critical…

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dogs who sail community

DOGS Who Sail began with the two cocker spaniels, Maxy and Mel aboard Tanya and Anthony Rabe’s 34 foot Duncanson, Crossroads. According to founder Tanya, there were two motivations behind the creation of Dogs Who Sail. Aside from saturating family and friends with photos of their dogs onboard, she was eager to meet other sailing dogs and so created a Facebook group called ‘Dogs who sail’. That community is now 1,800 strong and growing daily. Tanya wanted to ensure Maxy and Mel were safe and comfortable on the boat at all times, so she began developing her knowledge by reading blogs and books, watching You Tube clips and speaking with experts. Realising the number of owners met through the Dogs Who Sail community who were challenged by the same worries and concerns, Tanya…

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grand pavois intends to go on

THE fact that the Grand Pavois La Rochelle is late, taking place from Tuesday September 29 to Sunday October 4, is actually seen as an advantage by its management. Due to it being an outdoor event with 60,000 square metres of exhibition on land and 100,000 square metres on the water, had it have been an indoor event, the problem would have been totally different. As for its format, it remains over six days, from Tuesday to Sunday, with opening hours unchanged. It is intended to remain as it has always been but it may be a little different from previous editions with less entertainment for the general public. Given the impacted year forcing individual rethinking, there will be a focus on ecoresponsibility. Thinking about tomorrow is nowadays the responsibility of all and…

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letter of the month

SOS IS AOK Dear Cruising Helmsman, Thank you most sincerely for all your help with the promotion of the request for used sails for ‘Sails ocean sails’ (SOS); the response in Australia and worldwide has been overwhelming: (CH March 2020 and www.mysailing.com.au). The trip to Tonga has been delayed for six to twelve months because of the virus. I wish I had a much bigger plane to transport all the sails offered and give them to the islanders! Navigation books, sailing gear, tackle etcetera, along with sails of all descriptions, have been offered. If this virus thing ever ends we will take as much as we can onto the departing plane. Could you please advise your wonderful readers that their generosity is greatly appreciated. I will keep you updated as we progress and come back…

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floating a cockatoo idea

REGARDING the article in the papers today, I propose this suggestion: Cockatoo Island could be made into a living, working museum and maritime centre not unlike Mystic Seaport in Massachusetts, USA. The National Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour is much too small to fully display its wealth of maritime artifices and it could more properly do so if it moved to CI. Likewise, Cockatoo could rehouse the Heritage Maritime Fleet: the James Craig tall ship and the other vessels it has brought back to working use, as well as the HMS Endeavour replica when in port plus the 1988 British Bicentenary gift vessel Young Endeavour. Also, a whole marine industry could be housed there on the north western slipway area, which are currently spread around the harbour and which could look after yachts…