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Cruising World August/September 2018

Cruising World is your passport for exploring the world’s coastlines and oceans while voyaging under sail. Its contributors inspire and entertain through stories, pictures and videos that underscore the beauty and adventure of sailing, while providing instruction on the disciplines of seamanship, navigation and boat handling. The Cruising World community is made up of experienced, committed sailors and boat owners. No matter their long-range sailing plans, Cruising World’s mission is to nurture their dreams with practical how-to information and stirring real-life adventure features.

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editor’s log

BE Prepared Come late summer and early fall, many of us with boats in salt water have reason to worry. Sailors lucky enough to already have made it to the Caribbean, Mexico or off into the Pacific have it the worst, since a few thunderstorms today can easily swirl up into a tropical storm — or worse — tomorrow. Having a solid plan in place ahead of time for how to deal with things is critical, a lesson sorely learned during the 2017 hurricane season. Hence, our focus on hurricanes in this month’s Hands-On Sailor section. But even East Coast sailors who do most of their cruising along the Carolinas or farther north are well advised to keep a wary eye on the tropics. I know from May until nearly Thanksgiving, my…

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JIMMY BUFFETT’S NEW RIDE Let’s turn the way-back machine to 1978. A young troubadour on the rise named Jimmy Buffett was wandering-through the Caribbean on his Cheoy Lee Clipper 48, living the cruising lifestyle and, perhaps not coincidentally, collecting material for the tunes that would become the soundtrack to many a sailor’s life for the next four decades. Buffett’s Cheoy Lee was one salty sailboat: ketch-rigged, with a sweeping sheer line, clipper bow and long bowsprit. If Buffett wished to convey the aura of a latter-day pirate, he had the right ride. But times have changed. Buffett is now a multimillionaire with homes all over the planet. He has a play on Broadway. And he’s got himself one very cool new boat. Like his old Cheoy Lee, it’s 48 feet long. All…

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passage notes

To the North west Passage During the summer of 2018, the crew of DogBark!, an Open 60 race boat turned family cruiser, embarked on an incredible journey — to sail from Seattle to Greenland via the Northwest Passage. The crew of four adults and two kids plan to complete the 6,000-mile adventure in less than four months, during the brief Arctic summer. Follow along on their journey at Time to Saila Jeanneau Through a new partnership, SailTime bases will now offer Jeanneau sailboats to their members and owners. SailTime, a boat club that allows members to schedule time aboard boats at any of the company’s bases, will provide Jeanneau an additional way to access the sharing economy and to tap into this growing market of buyers and boaters.…

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new lease on life for telson

Your gripping article on the loss of Bowditch (“Surviving the Imperfect Storm,” May 2018) and remarkable rescue of her crew 40 years ago touched my wife, Nancy, and me in a strange way. The dinghy shown aboard 24 de Febrero is similar to our Telson, purchased about the same time (now 42 years ago) in Solomons Island, Maryland, for $360. It had no flotation and was built by a now untraceable company, MAT Plastics, in New England; a close version appeared some years ago as the well-done (and way more costly) Oxford Dinghy, built on the Chesapeake’s Eastern Shore. We’re marine biologists, and Nancy named the dinghy after the pointed rear end of a tiny estuarine shrimp! It has followed us cruising many thousands of miles along the coast. While towing…

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eight bells: henry marx

Capt. Henry Marx personified the salty old-style chandlery owner — a friend to many sailors, a naval-history buff and an entrepreneur who remained a sailor’s advocate. Many Long Island Sound sailors got to know Henry and his chandlery as the no-nonsense source for quality sailing gear. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to developing Landfall Navigation into a thriving brick-and-mortar business, Henry published an information-rich catalog and became an online vendor. Throughout, he remained a practical visionary, and his contributions to the sailing community kept pace with the growth of his business. Henry passed away from pneumonia on June 28 in Greenwich, Connecticut. He was 77. Henry’s version of “value added” included a commitment to safety, seamanship and youth sailing. It all began right in his own backyard…

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multiple hulls multiply the fun

Are you a lover of catamarans or trimarans and a fan of fast Caribbean reaches in fresh trade-wind breezes? Then the first annual Caribbean Multihull Challenge-St. Maarten, organized by the St. Maarten Yacht Club and scheduled for February 8-10, 2019, might be just for you. More than just a regatta — though there will be plenty of racing action for cats and tris of all stripes, as well as a “Pirate” class for bareboat cats — the event is billed as a multihull festival, with plenty of entertainment, educational opportunities and lifestyle events catered to sailors who believe the more hulls, the merrier! St. Maarten is known as the birthplace of Caribbean multihull sailing — it’s where designer Peter Spronk began building legendary multis back in the 1950s, many of which are…