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Cyclist Australia Issue 48

Dedicated solely to the exhilaration of road cycling, Cyclist is the very first magazine of its kind. A celebration of the rides, the travel and the latest gear – we'll show you how to get the best from your ride every time.

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ed’s letter

Everyone knows the n+1 rule. The correct number of bikes to own is one more than the number you currently have – but that only works up to a point. Eventually, the equation needs to be reset. Once you have a climber’s bike, an aero bike, an endurance bike, a gravel bike, a touring bike and a unicycle, where do you go next? I suspect this is a question the bike industry has been asking of late, and the answer seems to be: start all over again. The latest message is that the bikes we have are not really the bikes we need. Oh no. That aero bike should really be lighter, don’t you think? And that climber’s bike should really be more aero. And all of them should be comfier, and…

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let there be light

These days it’s rare for a company to produce a completely new bike. Even rarer for that company to unveil something altogether unseen before. The launch of the Specialized Aethos comes with two striking surprises: it weighs less than 6kg for a complete build and it isn’t intended for pros. The Aethos is in fact the lightest production disc road bike we’ve seen to date, yet it is not simply a lightweight love story. Specialized claims it is the most technologically advanced bike the brand has ever produced and it represents a change in focus, shifting away from the needs of pro riders and towards passionate bike consumers. Cons of pros ‘It became clear to us in creating the Tarmac SL7 as a single solution to racing that we were drifting even further…

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want to go pro?

The PRO saddle range includes the Falcon (pictured), Turnix, Griffon and Stealth Sport, which are based on traditional saddle shapes but with elements taken from the latest data on pressure mapping of the contact point between rider and saddle. ‘When adapting tried and tested products, which have proven themselves already, we always exercise caution,‘ says Mark Kikkert, Product Development Team Lead at PRO. ‘But we felt that the new PRO saddles better suit modern bikes and are more comfortable due to their optimised overall length and anatomic recess area.’ PRO has also introduced a new handlebar range. The Vibe Aero Alloy handlebars (pictured) are the more traditional platform with electronic shifting cable integration, internal cable routing, aerodynamically optimised tops and a 6-degree flair. The Vibe Aero Alloy Pursuit handlebars are the…

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cadex classic tyre

RRP $124.95, cadex-cycling.com/au Cadex… Cadex… Cadex. Sound familiar but you just can’t place it? What if we said ‘Giant Cadex’? Released in the 1980s, Giant’s Cadex was one of the first mass-produced carbon fibre frames. And while you won’t see Giant’s logo on anything from Cadex, you can be sure this premium brand is made with the same level of high precision and quality Giant has made its name on. The Classic tyre is no different. It has been designed as a performance all-rounder, suited to the harshest conditions. There are a heap of in-house technologies within the rubber, and with Giant’s reputation for delivering on promises, they’re definitely worth a crack.…

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aftershokz aeropex headphones

RRP $249, fesports.com.au Aftershokz was founded in 2011 pioneering headphones that utilise ‘bone conduction technology,’ where the headphones rest directly on the listener’s cheekbones, transmitting sound to the inner ear (cochlea) via this path instead of the traditional way via the eardrums. This model is waterproof and has an eight-hour battery life - great for long rides. But what’s even better than the hardware is the knowledge that you can listen to tunes, a podcast or an audiobook on your bike relatively safely, as your ears are still open to the noises around you. Hearing is a vital sense on the bike, and Aftershokz can help you multitask safely while churning out long kms.…

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met rivale mips helmet

$250, met-helmets.com When it comes to updating mid-range helmets, Italian companies must think alike. Perhaps it’s due to how well protected their brains are. Hot on the heels of Kask’s updated Mojito, Met has redesigned its Rivale. The helmet sits below the bells-and-whistles Trenta and the aero-focused Manta in Met’s range, and attempts to offer good levels of all-round performance at an accessible price. The new Rivale boasts better ventilation, according to Met, thanks to wider and longer front vents. These are paired with internal channelling to guide air across the rider’s scalp. While the details are hazy on the magnitude of improvement, Met claims the new Rivale is more aerodynamic too. This is in part thanks to a refined ‘NACA’ vent on top of the helmet, a feature borrowed from Met’s Manta…