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delicious October 2020

delicious. magazine celebrates good food and the people who produce it, from renowned international chefs and food-lovers around Australia. Inside each issue you’ll find achievable recipes that work every time, plus inspiration for foodie travel.

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a little bit rich

@mikebennie101 @merrickwatts Mike: This dish screams two things to me: the good side of lambrusco – sparkling, fresh reds – and the old punch bowl. I’m talking ’70s-style swingers’ dinner party, you’ve got everything from the cupboard in there. Merrick: Advocaat! What’s that, that looks good. Put it in! Mike: Pour in tropical punch, stir with your fingers, throw in some melon balls. Fruity, fresh and ready to go with this sexy cake. Merrick: I love the sparkling-red idea but I didn’t go there. I am biased because this is my last-supper drink, Rockford Black Shiraz. The berries would complement this cake so well. I make a packet-mix brownie with my daughter – she absolutely loves it. It’s quick and easy. And that gives you more time to make a convoluted drink! My thinking, Mike,…

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on the agenda

cracking on Maximise your baking cred with Knutsford Gourmet Ginger & Hazelnut Mix & Bake Seeded Bark Mix. Simply add olive oil and water, then mix, roll and bake for fresh gluten-free, vegan and gourmet crackers. Visit: knutsfordgourmet.com.au blues brothers Spring picnics just got an upgrade with individually portioned Castello Mini Cheeses. The perfect pieces pair with crackers, fresh fruit or a slither of honeycomb to balance this rich cheese. Visit: castellocheese.com chill out Add colour and personality to your kitchen with Smeg’s iconic FAB28 fridge. The striking aesthetic reflects northern Italian artistry, while the interior features a multiflow cooling system for enhanced freshness and efficiency. Visit: smeg.com.au/FAB hot stuff Add a kick to your dishes with Kewpie Mayonnaise Sriracha Flavour. Made with 25% sriracha sauce, chilli lovers will enjoy the balance of heat with creamy mayo.…

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mexico city

@catherinesutherlandphotography Vast, chaotic and super colourful, Mexico City is everything you might expect from North America’s largest metropolis, and more. It’s at once raucous and calm, ramshackle and sharp, youthful and steeped in history. Not far from the colonial palacios and catédrals of Centro Histórico, the recently gentrified colonias (neighbourhoods) of Roma, Condesa and gritty Juárez are characterised by lush parks and quiet streets, crumbling pastel facades shaded by jacaranda and ash. Restaurants and bars abound and food is everywhere. With a renewed passion for local traditions and fiercely proud of its food, Ciudad de Mexico (CDMX) is a melting pot with a tonne of talent. Mixing ancient indigenous and Spanish flavours and techniques (recognised by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural treasure), and blessed with a diversity of endemic ingredients, the food…

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insider news

@erinastarkey DELICIOUS.COM.AU/EAT-OUT Go online for weekly restaurant news and reviews from our critics and reviewers. HOLA, BRISSY! A new temple to tacos and margaritas has taken over Eleven Rooftop Bar in Brisbane. Maya pays tribute to the Coastal Pacific, Yucatán and Sonoran regions of Mexico, with sultry, sun-baked interiors and a menu that includes battered jalapenos and al pastor tacos stuffed with slow-cooked pork and juicy local pineapple. Get the fiesta started with a mango marg or one of the 60 tequilas on offer. TABLETALK 1 Launceston locals are toasting the launch of a new wine bar and bottle shop. Havilah (above) is an urban cellar door run by the owners of local labels Two Tonne Tasmania and Havilah. The line-up celebrates the best drops in the region – and not just their own. Prop…

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spring form

@thestuddsiblings FRESH ARTISAN GOAT’S CHEESE is at its peak in spring and we are here to celebrate it! Pastures are abundant with new grass shoots, pods and stalks, which goats – being the natural grazers that they are – happily tear off and munch. This fresh new feed infuses goat’s milk with vitamins, minerals and flavours that are transformed into some phenomenal cheese. The composition of milk in different animal breeds is one of the key factors determining cheese characters. Goat’s milk has shorter fatty acid chains than cow’s milk, which amplifies all its flavour traits, leaving little room to hide defects but also showcase the seasonal milk’s unique qualities. It has gentle, creamy aroma and taste, with bright lemony notes. Our favourite local examples are from Holy Goat and Tolpuddle. As the…

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the chef and the butcher

C: When I first got to Australia, I went on a trip to Fraser Island and I remember we had steaks somewhere but they were grilled badly… A: Why are you holding the dictaphone so close to your mouth like you’re Beyoncé on a mic? C: …and they cut the steaks open in the middle, then put oysters inside them! And they were called carpetbags – who on earth came up with that? A: That’s a classic dish. C: Maybe in Australia, but not in Ireland! I don’t think this is ever going to make it in Ireland. A: It’s a Margaret Fulton classic. C: Is it? I’m not sure she would appreciate you saying that. I thought it was horrible! But I hear it’s a riff on surf ‘n’ turf, so I have updated it. I’ve…