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Diabetic Living AustraliaDiabetic Living Australia

Diabetic Living Australia September - October 2018

Diabetic Living features information on living well, exercise, news in the world of diabetes, real life stories and the popular and delicious recipes featured in every issue. It is the healthy lifestyle magazine focused not only on preventing and controlling diabetes but also providing readers with the latest news and products for their wellbeing.

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treat your body right

I love trying new things, and recently braved a dawn dip, naked, with 2000 other people in order to celebrate the winter solstice! It certainly wasn’t my usual Friday morning but it was completely exhilarating (and yes, cold – the water was 10°C) and I’m already looking forward to next year’s swim. One of the aspects I enjoyed was being reminded that people really do come in all shapes and sizes and that nobody has the “perfect” body; we just need to have the right body for us. If you’re keen to look after your body (and I can’t think of a good reason you wouldn’t be), we’ve got loads of recipes and articles to get you on the right track. Turn to page 104 for tips on how to take control…

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you tell us

STAR LETTER RECIPES A GODSEND My husband is on the borderline of type 2 diabetes and was advised to change his diet. Being on a budget I thought this is going to be expensive with different diets for the family. While in the waiting room I noticed Diabetic Living and looked through it. And was AMAZED. Most of the ingredients were already in my food cupboard. The recipes we tried were delicious and healthy. All the family now eat them, and it costs less than my normal shopping bill. I will recommend Diabetic Living to my family and associates. Well done. A healthier us. S. Mackarlane, Qld More on HbA1c please At last, I understand why my HbA1c results do not compare easily with my meter results! Thank you so much for making that observation (May/June 2018, page 86)…

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our experts

Dr Kate Marsh Dietition and diabetes educator Kate, who has type 1, is in private practice in Sydney. nnd.com.au Christine Armarego Exercise physiologist At her clinic, Christine focuses on exercise as a way to improve BGLs. theglucoseclub.com.au Dr Sultan Linjawi Endocrinologist A diabetes specialist, Sultan has a clinic in Coffs Harbour, NSW. drsultanlinjawi.com Dr Janine Clarke Psychologist Janine is in private practice at Mend Psychology and The Sydney ACT Centre. mendpsychology.com.au Dr Gary Deed General practitioner Gary, who has type 1, is devoted to helping people with diabetes. He is in practice in Brisbane. Danielle Veldhoen Podiatrist Danielle works at Flinders Medical Centre, South Australia. Dr Angus Turner Ophthalmologist Angus directs Lions Outback Vision, providing specialist eye-care services to remote areas of WA. outbackvision.com.au Elissa Renouf Type 1 parent Elissa is the owner of Diabeteezy and a mum of four kids with type 1. diabete-ezy.com…

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just diagnosed

START HERE DIABETES 101 Getting your head around "diabetes lingo"? Read on… • When should I test my blood glucose levels (BGLs)? This varies depending on the type of diabetes and your medication, but possible times include before meals, two hours after eating, before bed, before you exercise and if you’re feeling unwell. • What should my BGLs be? As a guide, if you have type 1 diabetes, a healthy target to aim for is 4-6mmol/L before you eat, and 4-8mmol/L two hours after starting a meal. If you have type 2 diabetes, aim for 6-8mmol/L before meals, and 6-10mmol/L two hours after starting a meal. Ask your doctor or Credentialled Diabetes DIABETES 101 Educator for more guidance. • What’s mmol/L? It stands for millimoles per litre of blood, and is how BGLs are measured. •…

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take this to heart

1 YOU’RE NOT ALONE About 280 Aussies develop diabetes every day – one person every five minutes. And for every four people diagnosed, someone else is living with diabetes but doesn’t know. The longer diabetes goes undiagnosed, the more it can impact your overall health. 2 IT'S YOUR MOVE Continuing or starting regular physical activity will help lower your short- and long-term BGLs and can also help certain diabetes medications work more effectively. Plus, along with a healthy diet, losing weight – as little as 5 per cent of your body weight – can also have a positive impact. 3 WE’RE HERE Wondering where to start? Combined with advice from your healthcare team, you’ve made a great first step. In this (and every!) issue of Diabetic Living, you’ll find practical, helpful advice, expert responses to…

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your healthy life

COCA-COLA CUTTING SUGAR “We’re listening. Sugar in moderation is fine, too much isn’t good for anyone,” reads a recent Coca-Cola advertisement which appeared in newspapers in Australia following the news Coca-Cola South Pacific and Coca-Cola Amatil will reduce sugar content in their non-alcoholic drinks by 20 per cent, by 2025. “We have been part of the Australian community for 80 years and, as people’s tastes and preferences have changed, so have we,” says Coca-Cola South Pacific president Vamsi Mohan. “We will increase the pace of change to offer more great-tasting drinks in line with what people want today.” For more information, visit ourwayforward.com.au. A HUMBLE FLOWER WITH BIG OPPORTUNITIES Need another reason to enjoy a warm cup of chamomile tea in the evening? With a rich history of medicinal use, dating back to…