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Digital Photo Pro March/April 2019

Digital Photo Pro is the serious digital photography enthusiast and professional’s guide to advanced technology and creativity. Each issue showcases the very best in photography, and helps readers navigate the sea of equipment, storage methods, electronics and more, so they can make better decisions and take better photos.

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editor’s note

Photographer Rachel Boillot, who’s included in Jill Waterman’s insightful article on fine-art consultant and marketer Mary Virginia Swanson (beginning on page 36), has an extraordinary eye. In the image depicted above, she creates a masterful composition that weaves together humor and faith. How? By nearly creating an optical illusion. Let me explain: The wall, which depicts an airbrushed religious image (most likely Jesus or Mary) and has a visible pattern of cinderblocks underneath it, is shot at an angle. Below it, a solid-looking cinderblock visually breaks the line of the wall. In the far lower-left corner of the photo, there’s a clear distinction between the grass and wall. In the lower far-right corner, however, that distinction disappears. In fact, the wall itself is literally cracked. What makes the image captivating is that…

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Special Delivery Find out why adventure sports photographer Michael Clark creates a magazine-caliber newsletter as an essential piece of his marketing arsenal. Mission: Monochrome Anthony Thurston shares his method of shooting black-and-white photographs. Learn how he sets up his camera and what he looks for when capturing monochromes. The Lens Dilemma Dan Brockett gives an overview of the present lens market for filmmakers and points out many of the improvements as well as the weak points. DigitalPhotoPro digitalphotopro digitalphotopro NEWSLETTER: Subscribe today for updates on the latest features, how-to articles and photography news. SIGN UP: http://digitalphotopro.com/newsletter/…

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emerging pro contest winners

Congratulations to the winners and finalists in our 2018 Emerging Pro Photo Contest! Here we showcase the first-, second- and third-place winners. To see all of the finalists, visit digitalphotopro.com/photo-contests/emerging-pro. FIRST PLACE Category: Photojournalism & Sports “Dunkin’ Doug” by Bryan Fuller An old, completely abandoned church in Detroit served as a truly unique location for this shoot with my friend “Dunkin’ Doug” Anderson, a former College Slam Dunk Champion. With no electricity, we had only the natural light sneaking through the broken windows on each side of the gym. The graffiti, peeling paint and piles of rubble served as the perfect backdrop for Doug’s high-flying dunks. We came away with a great series of shots that day, but I particularly loved Doug’s expression as he soared in for the slam in this shot. SECOND…

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new tools of the trade

Rokinon’s New 35mm Lens And Carrying Case For Cine Lenses As it did in 2018, Rokinon continues to roll out more essential tools in 2019 for both still photographers and filmmakers. Rokinon designed the Special Performance (SP) 35mm f/1.2 Full-Frame Lens for Canon EF mount for professional and advanced Canon photographers. According to the company, its lens quality “yields extraordinary image quality for 50-megapixel photos and 8K (8192 x 4320) video productions.” It has a moderate wide angle of view with full-frame Canon DSLRs and a “normal” lens angle of view with APS-C sensor models. It features a nine-blade diaphragm, and it’s constructed with 12 elements in 10 groups. The lens also incorporates extra-low dispersion, aspherical and high refractive lens components, which Rokinon says will ensure impressive image quality. Rokinon SP 35mm f/1.2 lens…

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first look: olympus om-d e-m1x

Photography, right from the start, back in the 19th century, has been at odds with itself over which technology is the best one to use, ever since Louis Daguerre and Henry Fox Talbot invented it in the very same year, 1839, using different processes. Since then, during those nearly 200 years, photographers have had to choose between standards—large format versus 35mm format or film versus digital, just to name a couple. But in these decidedly digital days, professional shooters aren’t faced with a new format just yet—virtual reality and augmented reality are still in the formative stages. However, what they do face is the dilemma of determining what system to migrate or upgrade to. For several years, Sony’s full-frame mirrorless cameras have been the camera brand of choice for many pro photographers.…

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on1 photo raw 2019

In April 2012, Adobe announced a new subscription model initiative called Creative Cloud that sat beside its existing licensing model with the Creative Suite. Thirteen months later, in May 2013, it announced that the only way to continue using new versions of its products would be to sign up for a Creative Cloud subscription. The change definitely had an impact, although perhaps not one Adobe fully anticipated. Many photographers took umbrage with this “software rental” model and began searching for alternatives to Lightroom and Photoshop. Enterprising software companies saw an opportunity to fill a gap created by Adobe by building photo-editing software that provides photographers with the tools to edit, organize and share their photos, but without forcing customers into a recurring subscription model. In This Corner, The Challenger One such company that…