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Digital SLR Photography March 2018

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Digital SLR Photography addresses the needs of today's photographer in a lively, informative and stylish format. For photographers of all abilities using digital SLRs or mirrorless cameras, it will inform and entertain you through a unique blend of technique articles, stunning images, inspirational interviews and authoritative reviews. A team of leading photographers cover topics such as landscapes, portraits and close-up photography, providing a focused and comprehensive read guaranteed to help you get the most out of your photography.

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WELCOME TO THE MARCH 2018 issue of Digital SLR Photography. Hopefully you’ve shaken off the January blues and had a good month of taking pictures. If not, then use this issue as inspiration to help you plan what to shoot over the next few weeks. When I’m struggling for ideas, I often choose to go somewhere I’ve never been to before as a way of kickstarting creativity - whether it’s to shoot portraits, landscapes or architecture, I find a fresh location always helps with sparking the imagination. However, before setting off, I’ll spend some time researching the destination to ensure I’m making the most of my time. Most often this is done online as it provides the most convenient and efficient way of gaining information. However, for distant or overseas…

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Fly For A While by Sandi Bertoncelj 500px.com/berto “I'm an adventure and landscape photographer based in Kranj, Slovenia. This image was taken early in the morning in the ski resort of Vogel, Slovenia. Sustained snowfall had covered up the bushes, flooded the basin and provided the perfect terrain for advanced freeride skiers. I positioned myself, got my exposure right and it was just about timing from there.” Canon EOS 5D Mark III with EF 16-35mm f/4L IS USM lens. Exposure: 1/1250sec at f/16 (ISO 200). Enjoy The Moment by Sandi Bertoncelj “Taken in Golica, Slovenia. We arrived at the peak of the mountain just before sunset. The light was awesome, the sun was shining through the peaks of the mountains, casting long shadows and lifting mist up in the valley. This ended up being a…

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focus on foliage

The natural world and photography go together hand-in-hand, and the annual international garden photographer of the year awards is the premiere showcase of the world’s best garden, plant, flower and botanical photography. Just as we were going to press, the results of this year’s awards landed in our inbox, so it’d be rude not to take this opportunity to share the best green-fingered imagery from the most recent competition. the overall winner of competition 11 is none other than celebrated landscape photographer marcio cabral of brasilia, brazil. his winning image Cerrado Sunrise, shown here, depicts thousands of beautiful flowers reaching for the light during a colourful dawn in the Cerrado, a vast tropical savanna ecoregion in Brazil. Marcio’s efforts are rewarded with a £7,500 prize, and the title of International…

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come rain or shine

It’s that time of year again. Wind speed is up, there’s heavy rainfall and a bitter chill in the air – not the most favourable working conditions to say the least, so who can blame us for wanting to stay indoors until spring. Being cooped up inside needn’t stifle your creativity though; exploring your home may present opportunities in what you consider to be the strangest of places. Look for sources of alternative lighting for portraits: the light from an open fridge in a darkened room, from a tablet or tV, or table lamp. Look for objects to shoot through or foreground interest to add depth, interesting angles and natural framing, like doorways – your home is your most convenient studio. For this portrait, your skills of controlling depth-of-field, light, focus …and…

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snow business

THE WEATHER JUST can’t be relied upon can it? Come winter time we all sit anxiously waiting for some seasonal snowfall, but it rarely materialises for any great length of time. Luckily, us photographers are a creative bunch, and we can make our own weather up with a few clever tricks! Wanting to capture some winter portraits of my kids, I picked up a snow machine from eBay for £30, complete with the liquid needed to make the snow. Once run through the machine, the ‘snow’ is similar to washing up liquid, and some adjustment to the machine is needed to get it to snow at the right consistency. Too thick and it looks like big clumps of foam, too small and the effect won’t be as apparent. You don’t have…

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a mist opportunity

In a perfect world, we’d all live with beautiful rural or coastal views on our doorstep, and have the luxury of spending hours upon hours waiting for just the right, glorious, soft and golden light to record these scenes with. However, in reality, for many of us photography is a pursuit that has to fit in around all of the rest of the boring stuff that comes with being an adult, like work, chores and commitments. How dull! If we waited for perfect scenes and conditions to photograph, then our cameras really wouldn’t get much use. for this reason, it’s worth seeing what creative options are available to you when the forecast is looking less than ideal too. One of my favourite times to do this, and something that’s prevalent at…