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Digital SLR Photography June 2018

Digital SLR Photography addresses the needs of today's photographer in a lively, informative and stylish format. For photographers of all abilities using digital SLRs or mirrorless cameras, it will inform and entertain you through a unique blend of technique articles, stunning images, inspirational interviews and authoritative reviews. A team of leading photographers cover topics such as landscapes, portraits and close-up photography, providing a focused and comprehensive read guaranteed to help you get the most out of your photography.

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WELCOME TO THE JUNE 2018 issue of Digital SLR Photography. While exposure and focus are two of the most important technical aspects of photography, composition is without doubt the essential skill to master when it comes to the aethetic quality of your images. I remember when I first started taking pictures, I’d always place the subject centrally and fail to pay attention to the various elements in the scene that could be used to add further interest to the final result. Learning about compositional aids like the rule-of-thirds and lead-in lines lead to a dramatic improvement, despite the simple principles behind them, so we’ve dedicated 16 pages this issue to providing expert advice on composition for a multitude of subjects, starting on page 52. Once you’ve mastered the core technical…

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Deep Red Sunset by Maciek Gornisiewicz darkelfphotography.com “Moments like this are why I love seascapes. I used my favourite filter – the reverse ND Grad – to balance the bright sky with the dark foreground and to find the right shutter speed for the waves. I got as low and as close to the rocks as possible to emphasise their detail and the flow of the water. This means watching out for big waves. I have been drenched a number of times while taking similar photos. If you don't get wet shooting seascapes then you're doing something wrong.” Canon EOS 5D Mk III with EF 16-35mm f/4L IS USM lens. Exposure: 0.5 seconds at f/11 (ISO 200). Land of Sunset Dreams by Maciek Gornisiewicz darkelfphotography.com “The colours in the clouds seem to reflect the land below…

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photo impact

THE WORLD PRESS PHOTO contest has, since 1955, recognised the very best in visual journalism from around the world. It's a contest that drives the emotions through every stage of ecstasy, humility and heartache. It delivers the rawest news images and mixes it with the most dramatic sports and the most beautiful nature images to take you through a roller coaster of emotions. This year marks the 61st contest, and saw 73,044 photographs submitted by 4,548 photographers from 125 different countries. Judging such a mammoth volume of work took a jury of photographers, photojournalists, visual artists and other creatives three weeks, with the results being announced in a ceremony in Amsterdam. The World Press Photo of the Year award carried a cash prize of €10,000, as well as a selection of…

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look into my crystal ball

nO, IT’S nOT a clever editing technique or composite – this is all done in-camera. What we’re seeing here is an optical phenomenon known as refraction. Using a solid glass sphere, the miniature world within the orb is shown flipped both horizontally and vertically because the light entering the glass is deflected when passing through. This allows you to have fun with manipulating perspective when editing too! You can pick up your own glass sphere, ball, orb or ‘lensball’ as they’re sometimes known for very little outlay online via eBay or Amazon. There will be several sizes listed –the one I’m using is a handy size to pop in your camera bag – it measures 80mm across and costs around £12 at time of print from Amazon, including a storage box…

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flashy portraits

When there’s little to no light, flashguns are the first accessories to pull out of the bag for location portraits – their versatility and portability make them essential for any dedicated portrait photographer. Giving a portrait a splash of flash can enhance and rescue a picture, but aside from its practical purposes one or two flashguns can let you get very creative with minimal kit in almost any environment. Most of us will have at least one flashgun in our bag and perhaps a set of triggers – at its core, that’s all you need for this technique, along with a set of flash gels for creative colour. But if you have no flash gels, try sticking coloured cellophane or sweet wrappers over the flash head for a similar result. When…

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metering for natural sunsets

WHO CAN RESIST a good sunset? When our planet’s natural light source drops towards the horizon, the light gets warmer and softer the lower it is in the sky, shadows stretch out and everyday views are often transformed into stunning scenics. Sunsets in spring can be especially pleasing – passing showers and scattered clouds add interest in the skies and give the colourful light something to bounce off and illuminate. They also take place at a reasonable time, so you’re not having to bunk off early, or while away summer nights waiting to see the best light. It’s not all easy going, however. Sunsets are often best shot ‘contre-jour’ (towards the light) and when doing so it’s likely your camera will encounter trouble metering. When used in automatic or semi-automatic exposure…