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Digital SLR Photography January 2018

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Digital SLR Photography addresses the needs of today's photographer in a lively, informative and stylish format. For photographers of all abilities using digital SLRs or mirrorless cameras, it will inform and entertain you through a unique blend of technique articles, stunning images, inspirational interviews and authoritative reviews. A team of leading photographers cover topics such as landscapes, portraits and close-up photography, providing a focused and comprehensive read guaranteed to help you get the most out of your photography.

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WELCOME TO THE JANUARY 2018 issue of Digital SLR Photography. You don’t need to be a Stark to realise that winter has come. The rapid fall in temperature, loss of foliage and shorter days are signs that autumn’s golden glory is passing for another year. I’ll be truthful, I often haven’t practised what I preach when it comes to shooting winter, choosing to stay indoors in the warmth rather than venturing out into the cold, but I’ve been inspired by the images in this month’s Beginner’s Guide (page 66) to make sure that I get out and capture some seasonal images this winter – we hope you’ll do the same. It’s one of the photo resolutions I’ve made for 2018, along with developing my lighting skills and shooting more portraits…

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contributing this month:

Daniel Lezano With over 30 years’ experience as an enthusiast SLR photographer and 20 years on photo magazines, editor Lezano is as passionate as ever about photography, in particular portraits. Caroline Schmidt A professional photographer and experienced journalist, Caroline brings her talent for creating inspiring content to every issue. carolineannphotography.co.uk Jordan Butters With a finger on the pulse of all things photography, Jordan’s our social media master, features guru and a talented pro photographer. jordanbutters.co.uk Ross Hoddinott OUTDOOR He’s not only an award-winning nature photographer, a leading expert in landscape and wildlife photography, he’s a top tutor, too. rosshoddinott.co.uk Lee Frost LANDSCAPES A long-standing regular contributor, Lee is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to shooting landscapes and delivering expert tutorials. leefrost.co.uk Ben Hall WILDLIFE A renowned wildlife photographer, author and tutor, Ben applies his expert knowledge to help improve…

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Starstruck by Dag Ole Nordhaug www.nordhaugphotography.com “I have visited this fabulous rock formation in western Norway several times. When I arrived this time, skies were clear and conditions were ideal. The main problem with this location is that it’s quite narrow, and of course everything was cold and wet on this winter's night. However, the tide was perfect and the sky was nice with clouds picking up the post-sunset glow and some light pollution from a nearby town.” Hasselblad H5D-50 with HCD 28mm f/4 lens. Exposure: 15 seconds at f/5.6 (ISO 3200). Sunrise Tower by Dag Ole Nordhaug www.nordhaugphotography.com “Stetinden is Norway's national mountain, rising around 1,400m straight from the sea. Summer nights are short and bright. I spent the whole evening here, captured a nice sunset, packed up and returned to the ferry to head…

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putting the great in great britain

Diverse, Beautiful, Dramatic, romantic and historic – those are just a few of the adjectives that immediately spring to mind when you think of the landscapes of Great Britain. Our small island has been inviting photographers from around the globe to explore its rich coastlines, rolling hills, unforgiving mountains and mist-filled valleys for as long as people have been recording light. and if there’s one annual celebration of this most rewarding pastime that reinforces the photographic pull of the British isles, then it’s the take a view landscape Photographer of the Year. Now in its 11th year, the Landscape Photographer of the year was founded in 2006 by leading landscape photographer Charlie waite with the purpose of showcasing the best photography originating from British landscapes. as well as the coveted accolade…

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pet portraits at home

iF yOu’re A dog-owning photographer then I bet your pooch has been on the receiving end of your photographic endeavours on at least one occasion. Where friends and family might grow tired of having a camera pointed at them, a dog will almost always be a willing subject, provided enough treats or fuss are on hand! While it’s possible to get great results from snapping away at home or out on a walk, I enjoy creating studio images – after all, why should humans be the only ones to get the care and attention of a professional portrait?! With a few simple ingredients it’s possible to shoot studio pet portraits in your own home, for very little outlay. For example, the lighting and background I’ve used here (excluding camera and lens)…

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fairy chrismas

There’s no other time of year when cheesiness is so ripe that it becomes tasteful than at Christmas. When else can dressing in novelty jumpers be stylishly acceptable, awkward family photos the norm and wrapping kids in fairy lights a good idea…. Dogs and babies are favoured subjects to photograph, adding cuteness to Christmas – especially once you throw a santa hat into the mix. Generally, babies are also easier to photograph than children you have to coax; feed them, photograph them after a nap and you’ve time to fire at least two frames before they lose interest. that’s one more than most. You might think wrapping them in LeD fairy lights is a genius way to keep them still long enough to get a picture, but it’s actually a nice source…