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Digital SLR Photography September 2017

Digital SLR Photography addresses the needs of today's photographer in a lively, informative and stylish format. For photographers of all abilities using digital SLRs or mirrorless cameras, it will inform and entertain you through a unique blend of technique articles, stunning images, inspirational interviews and authoritative reviews. A team of leading photographers cover topics such as landscapes, portraits and close-up photography, providing a focused and comprehensive read guaranteed to help you get the most out of your photography.

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WELCOME TO THE SEPTEMBER 2017 issue of Digital SLR Photography. I’ve often thought that the word ‘accessory’ undervalues the role that some types of photo kit play in helping photographers capture stunning images. A tripod for instance, is invaluable when shooting long exposures lasting several seconds, while a flashgun or reflector can make all the difference to how your subject or scene is illuminated. For dedicated landscape photographers, the ultimate accessories are filters, which are viewed as essentials in the kit bag with most enthusiasts and professionals, who wouldn’t dream of leaving home without them. While there is an incredible variety of filters available, it’s the polariser, ND grad, solid ND and extreme ND that most stick to using. If you plan to shoot the great outdoors, you’ll find everything…

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regular contributors

Daniel Lezano With over 30 years’ experience as an enthusiast SLR photographer and 20 years on photo magazines, editor Lezano is as passionate as ever about photography, in particular portraits. Caroline Schmidt With extensive experience as a magazine journalist, contributing editor Caroline is passionate about photography and delivering an inspiring magazine each month. Jordan Butters With a finger on the pulse of all things photography, Jordan’s our social media master, features guru and a talented pro photographer. jordanbutters.co.uk Ross Hoddinott OUTDOOR He’s not only an award-winning nature photographer, a leading expert in landscape and wildlife photography, he’s a top tutor, too. rosshoddinott.co.uk Lee Frost LANDSCAPES A long-standing regular contributor, Lee is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to shooting landscapes and delivering expert tutorials. leefrost.co.uk Ben Hall WILDLIFE A renowned wildlife photographer, author and tutor, Ben applies his expert knowledge…

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The Quiraing by Pascal Bobillon 500px.com/pascalbobillon “The Quiraing is a geological formation in the north of the Isle of Skye in Scotland. After more than three hours of waiting in the wind and rain, the sun finally pierced through the clouds. The low light of November sculpted the reliefs. The use of a polariser saturated colours and controlled reflections, while a graduated ND filter was used to better bring out the deep clouds dramatising the scene.” Nikon D800 with Tamron SP 24-70mm f/2.8 lens. Exposure: 1/30sec at f/11 (ISO 100). River Sligachan by Pascal Bobillon 500px.com/pascalbobillon “The Sligachan River originates in the Cuillin mountain range on the Isle of Skye. I focused using the hyperfocal distance, which with a wide-angle lens and small aperture, gives sharpness throughout the scene. A two-second exposure is enough to give…

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perfect pawtraits

If you’re a dog-ownIng photographer, then it’s highly likely that you spend at least a good portion of the time with your camera focused firmly on your furry little friend. and who can blame you? dogs are characterful creatures that can make for great photographic subjects, providing you’ve either got them well-trained or possess an inhuman amount of patience. The saying about never working with animals and children? It definitely applies to photography! This year’s The Kennel Club dog Photographer of the year awards is a showcase of talented pooch photographers who have definitely got the knack for capturing stunning pet portraits. divided into ten categories, it covers everything from puppies to portraits and dogs at play through to older animals. working dogs, assistance dogs, special categories for photographers under 11…

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google creates an ai photographer

CAMERAS ARE GETTING smarter and more advanced all the time, but how about software so clever that it doesn’t even need a photographer to find compositions? That’s what the smart white coats at Google have been working on recently, and they’ve experienced some success already thanks to Machine Learning (ML). While ML can be taught skills where there’s a definitive right or wrong answer, Google has managed to teach its Artificial Intelligence (AI) to find, compose and edit landscape images, a subject which, in itself, is entirely subjective. Using Google Street View, the AI roams the virtual landscape, looking for potential vistas. Once located, it then assesses the composition, crops in, adjusts colour and contrast, applies dynamic effects and selective adjustments to make the image what it deems ‘aesthetically pleasing’, all…

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photo event

SUMMER TPOTY EVENTS IN LONDON There’s not much in this life that can be had for free, but if you’re in or around London over the next couple of months and fancy a gander at some incredible travel photography without having to spend a single penny, then a visit to the Travel Photographer of the Year exhibition is surely on the cards? The prize-winning images will be on display seven days a week at the University of Greenwich at 10 Stockwell Street, London, SE10 8BD until 3 September 2017. TPOTY is also hosting a series of photographic events in the city over the summer, from evening talks to workshops and photo walks. For more information on its exhibition and the summer events, visit: www.tpoty.com…