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Earth Garden

Winter 2021

EARTH GARDEN is Australia’s original journal of sustainable living for householders seeking a more eco-conscious lifestyle. For more than 40 years the supportive network of Earth Gardeners has been guiding and reflecting the movement away from high- consumption lifestyles.

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Dear readers, Welcome to the winter issue of Earth Garden. One of the great seasonal transitions is underway. Wherever you live in Australia the move from Autumn to Winter — or the Dry Season in the north — it’s a time when it’s impossible to ignore the changes. There’s a different smell in the air. I remember the decades we lived in a tall, wet eucalypt forest in Central Victoria, and the air began to smell a different shade of eucalyptus. Less tangy. Damper. The soil started to give off an aroma different from the sweet, dusty smell of summer soil. The owls began calling in the still forest night air. And the rats and mice all moved inside to warmer nests. And here in Broome there are various markers of the Dry…

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earth mail

Email your letters, messages and snaps to editorial@earthgarden.com.au or post to PO Box 1318 Broome, WA, 6725. LAND LINES FOR LIKEMINDED PEOPLE Hello, I just wanted to let you know that two years after you placed our ad for us, we sold our place. We had also paid to place it on realestate.com and that brought us quite a few enquiries and a couple of inspections. But, I think wonderfully, it was your publication that our new owner found our sale on. And he is the perfect person to take custodianship of our special place. Thought you might like to know. Warm regards, Janine. Hi Janine, Thanks for sharing that story. Land Lines have been an integral part of EG for 48 years, so it’s pleasing to know that it’s still linking up Earth…

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on the vine

WORK OR STUDY REMOTELY WHILE WWOOFING Online learning and working remotely are becoming the new normal in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic. And a growing number of WWOOF hosts are opening their doors to long-term WWOOFers who can do online study or remote work during their free time. This offers great new opportunities for WWOOFers who are looking for an enduring, safe-haven, allowing them to settle in and complete their study or work in any State,Australia wide. WWOOFers can filter host searches to easily find these hosts on a list or map search. Student life suddenly looks vastly different. Many colleges and universities are now offering opportunities for students to complete their coursework online. WWOOFers learn to grow organic food and connect with some amazing people while living on an organic farm, volunteering…

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gardening with friends

TUCKED away in a pocket of green has to be one of Newcastle’s best kept garden secrets. A lush rambling space that works not only as a natural magnet to all community minded, earthy souls within the area, but also serving as a reminder of what can be achieved with a basketful of enthusiasm and an armload of determination. While I’m not new to this particular garden space, I am new to the reimagined ideas, regular working bees and seeing the delightful couple making it all happen. Heading the group of keen locals, is Adrian Garner and Lee Illfield. While the pair haven’t long been in their head gardener roles, what they’ve achieved over the past six months is quickly visible. Together, sowing their enthusiasm not only in the garden, but…

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how do you build a terrarium?

YOU’D BE hard-pressed to find an Earth Gardener who doesn’t have a problem discarding big old glass vessels. They’re so endlessly useful. Perhaps for storing harvests, pickling things, brewing kombucha, making kvass, keeping abundant herbs and greens fresh or using it as an impromptu vase. Occasionally an extra special big old jar or glass vase comes along. Maybe you are lucky enough to come into ownership of a great vintage terrarium that would be perfect for developing into a miniature indoor landscape. Terrariums are a pretty terrific indoor gardening activity. The resulting container is an ideal indoor plant option, being contained, low maintenance and pet friendly. There are two types of terrarium – closed or open. A closed terrarium suits more tropical varieties because the warmth and humidity are higher than…

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women who farm part two

FARMING IN Australia is changing, and although women in farming is definitely not new, an increasing number of women from non-farming professional backgrounds are now turning to farming for a sustainable and rewarding career change. In 1900, 80 per cent of every dollar a farmer produced went directly to the farmer. These days it’s less than 10 per cent. The current system is based around a host of hands taking a cut along the way, and it has far reaching consequences for farmers, consumers and the environment alike. It’s not enough to just be a good grower these days. The modern farmer needs to wear many hats and have a huge range of skills and many women are rising to this challenge. I’ve been fortunate to meet some inspiring women who are…