ELLE Australia


Our dream has always been to make change, help,  educate and be proactive across not just environmental issues, but human issues from women and children to the elderly. We believe content can make great positive change and we hope to contribute to that. When we started, I was a new mother and that was a new world of inspiration and learning. It didn’t take long before we realised: now we have these beautiful humans in our lives, how can we best serve them? What are we teaching them and what will be the legacy we leave them? That’s why the site has evolved to encompass eco-living and ecotravel.

One thing that must be noted is that we have so much more work to do. We have not earned the right to be called activists, conservationists or environmentalists. And actually that isn’t the goal; we are just a normal family educating ourselves and sharing these discoveries as we go to hopefully make a positive impact to ourselves and others. We are working on breaking our own bad habits and exploring how this can work for families like ours.

Sustainable travel is actually not that hard to do. Slow down and spend more time in one place. Offset your carbon footprint with your airline (most now offer this when you buy tickets). Support local economies and industry by buying authentic locally made items. Respect and protect local wildlife and cultural heritage. And take your water bottle everywhere! Plastic pollution is real and devastating.

The best thing you can do for the environment is just to give a shit. It is so easy to be overwhelmed with how big the problem is. Climate change can sound like this huge irrelevant issue that has nothing to do with tiny little you but that is simply not the case. Our domestic contribution is equally as big and collectively we can make great change. It lies with us, with the decisions we make every day and where we choose to spend our money. That is what will make change.