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“Our influences are the people we surround ourselves with, what we read, what we watch on TV. What I like about GQ magazine is there’s a definite attempt to turn people's attention in the right direction, have a positive influence on a body of people and be aware of change. Magazines are like movies – pure entertainment is just as beneficial.”

Some things are just meant to be. Chris Hemsworth was meant to be a magazine editor. Not a Hollywood actor, or a cover star – an editor. And this issue, we’re pleased to announce he’s become one.

As we gear up to celebrate our 20 birthday at our Men of the Year awards on November 14, we reflect on what it means to be a GQ man in 2018. Hemsworth is the epitome of the perfect gentleman – a successful, fun-loving family guy fully aware of, and accountable for, his responsibilities in today’s world.

“In the past, there were very rigid ideas about how a man should behave. Now, everything else has evolved except those views. We have to keep rewriting that rulebook,” he says, feigning to rip said rulebook to shreds. “Men need to reassess things and admit their faults. We’re part of a larger organism – this idea that you’re an individual entity doesn’t work anymore. There are so many voices now, rightly so, needing to be heard and being spoken for.”

This is today’s GQ man and this is how he should go about his business.

In terms of his editing skills, naturally Hemsworth was an authority on all things surfing and fitness, picking out the best waves to catch around Australia (p59), while best bud and trainer Luke Zocchi gives you an insight into the gruelling fitness regime needed to look like a superhero (p163).

Sadly we had to veto one of Hemsworth’s requests – his cover star of choice. Kelly Slater was unavailable so we asked if he’d do us the honour and be shot by the legendary David Bailey (p108).

Prince Harry had three criteria for hosting the Invictus Games: an iconic city – tick; a country with a proud military heritage – tick; and finally, HRH Harry said “a place where people are absolutely sports mad and would really get behind competitors”. In Sydney, they’ve found the right spot. We profile some of the real-life superheroes representing Australia this month. Read their stories (p130), which are particularly poignant as November 11 marks the centenary of the First World War Armistice. GQ is a proud supporter of the #ThanksForServing campaign, which acknowledges Australian veterans past and present, and the sacrifices made by their families. Make sure you do too.

As you can see, it’s a great issue. And for that, you have the keen eye of Mr Chris Hemsworth to thank – like I said, the man was born to be an editor. Your move, Anna Wintour.