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“When we started Osher’s body fat was 22 per cent. Most people didn’t realise he was carrying that weight because he had such a slim face. He had a broad, boxy physique.

He also had psychological issues that were stopping him making the most of his life. Before he started with us he decided to come off all his medication. It was always a great unknown as to how he was going to deal with it all.

Results came quickly. By the second week he noticed changes in his body that made a big difference to his mindset.

I believe in a structured methodology so you can see the path that you’re travelling. That was important to Osher, that he could see that every Monday we did a particular type of session, every Tuesday we did this session. That fed his need to understand and control the situation.

Overall, he lost 9kg of body fat and added 2.5kg of lean muscle mass. On a guy his size 2.5kg is a lot. We’ve only just found out he’s a coeliac and doesn’t absorb vitamin B. His testosterone levels are through the floor so he’s actually been fighting an uphill battle trying to put on muscle mass with very low T levels.

To see his battles with alcohol and fame over the years was sad, but the way he’s managed to overcome these things and build this strength in himself is incredible. He carries himself differently now. He said going in he wanted an athletic physique that works. He’s got it.”