Peppermint Magazine


How did you get started in ceramics?

After having two babies and spending more time at home, my daily rituals became more significant – drinking tea from a unique handmade cup felt essential! My obsession for functional handmade ceramics grew and reached a tipping point during a family trip to the south of France in 2012, where I had a bit of a ‘moment’ in a potter’s atelier in the bustling Apt markets. I was surrounded by such perfectly imperfect, colourful stacks of handcrafted pottery and it filled me with intense joy. I vowed to myself that I would start a ceramics class ASAP. I followed through, and my practice has slowly developed from there.

Tell us about your work…

I focus on hand-building small batches of one-off vessels with a quiet, sculptural quality. Working with stoneware clays and a subdued, earthy glaze palette, my pieces are nicely weighted and are great for displaying a bit of foliage, or as stand-alone objects. I’m also slowly developing a signature range of functional pieces that I repeatedly produce. So far, this includes rustic egg cartons, box vases, a new card/photo holder and a ‘caravan vase’, which I’m excited about!

What’s your workspace like?

I share a home-based workshop with my husband, Al, who’s a brilliant woodworker. It’s a large room that sits between our carport and main living area. If we shut the door, people don’t even notice it’s there and are often surprised and delighted when they discover this hub of creativity that previously flew under their radar! It’s very convenient to dip in and out of. I have a nice long workbench, some shelving, a slab roller and a big table where I do my glazing.

What do you most love about what you do?

I love that a piece I’ve put my heart and soul into making will live on in someone’s home or space and bring them joy. And the friendships I’m developing with other potters and collaborators are a wonderful offshoot of falling in love with clay.