1. LARQ BOTTLE Stay hydrated during your outdoor adventures with this selfcleaning bottle that uses built-in digital water purification to rid your water of biocontaminants. You’ll never have to reach for a stinky plastic bottle again.

£TBC, livelarq.com

2. WAYFARER GRILL The perfect camping gift for barbecue lovers, this lightweight, stainless steel grill folds up flat when not in use and can be carried in a bag. It’s ideal for cooking on the go without weighing you down with clunky, hefty kit.

$89 (£67), wayfarergrill.com

3. GARMIN DASH CAM 55 If you’re going on a long road trip this summer, make sure you stay safe with a dash cam backing you up. You can control this one with your voice to take a specific photo or video, otherwise it’ll keep taking 1440p footage, ready for if the worst happens and you need the evidence for your insurer.

£149.99, buy.garmin.com

4. GARMIN FENIX 5X Hiking and walking are fantastic ways to explore the great outdoors, but make sure you have adequate help to find your way in the form of a reliable GPS watch with European mapping. The heart rate-tracking Fenix 5X is also waterproof enough to survive random summer downpours (and spontaneous wild river swimming).

£549.99, buy.garmin.com

5. SITPACK ZEN It may look like a pogo stick, but this folding travel chair is perfect for taking a well-earned break while you’re out on the trail, hiking or camping.

£74, sitpack.com

6. HANDPRESSO AUTO CAPSULE Just because you’re travelling doesn’t mean you should miss out on coffee. This portable device plugs into any 12/24 volt socket and prepares the perfect espresso from a pod in two minutes.

€195 (£170.28), handpresso.com

Room with a view? The latest camping tech is a complete cinch to set up

7. CINCH POP-UP TENT Faff-free camping is here, people! This solarpowered, pop-up tent takes seconds to put up and can be taken down in under a minute. The Cinch even comes with climate-control features and phone-controlled LED lighting.

$475 (£353.59), cinchpopuptents.com

8. TOMTOM GO 6200 Get your hands on this sat-nav with a built-in SIM card to ensure your journeys are smarter, and faster. It’s voice-controlled and features hands-free calling, keeping you connected and safe.

£339.99, tomtom.com

9. MAMMUT T AEGILITY LOW GTX Quality footwear is essential when you’re exploring the outdoors. These shoes encourage the foot’s natural rolling movement to reduce the risk of injury.

£139, mammut.com

10. BELKIN ROAD ROCKSTAR This in-car charging device has four USB ports and a six-foot cable. It’s perfect for keeping gadgets juiced up on long trips, and for watching movies in both the front and back.

£29, belkin.com