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If your bedroom style is…

Glamorous: You’re a sociable star

Whether you prefer vivid pops of color or light-catching chandeliers, the romantic touches that characterize this style point to your charisma and fierce femininity. When you close your bedroom door, you’re not hiding from the world—you’re getting ready for it, as you gather strength and confidence from this haven that both reflects and celebrates your effervescent personality.

Shabby chic: You’re compassionate

From vintage knickknacks to gently distressed furniture, this charming style exudes warmth. Whether you’re reading a novel under cute quilts or inviting the little ones in your life to pile onto your pillow-packed bed to watch a movie, your sanctuary is as private as it is welcoming—a rare duality for this most personal of chambers.

Traditional: You’re a driven leader

Timeless touches, such as warm wood furniture and a pretty-yet-practical bench at the foot of your bed, don’t just signal that you have classic tastes, they hint that you see your bedroom as a true extension of your home. In other words, it’s a multitasking space where you can do everything from unwind to catch up on work. Focused and ambitious, you’re always dreaming of tomorrow.

Modern: You’re a deep thinker

This sleek aesthetic suggests that you embrace simplicity, in large part because a streamlined space helps you let go of mental clutter. Poised and patient, you warm to this sparse style because you shun distractions. After all, your inner thoughts are more than enough to keep you occupied as you reflect on the day and drift off to dreamland.

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Eclectic: You’re a curious dreamer

Between the modern art on your walls and the vintage rug on your floor, your taste can’t be defined. Such boundary-busting decor reveals how complex your core identity is. In other words, you could never decide on just one style because you simply have too many dreams and interests to represent.