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Face the Current Issue 23 - May-June 2019

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Face the Current Magazine is an award-winning aspirational lifestyle publication covering international content in Travel, Culture & Arts, Music, Sports & Fitness, and Health. Our mostly evergreen content is read in more than 55 countries. Face the Current is purpose driven media that aims to create a ripple effect of positive change in the world by illuminating stories of extraordinary examples of people, brands, and experiences to provide 'fuel for an inspired life' and inspire people to be their potential and to live with purpose.

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Face the Current is creating a ripple effect, inspiring positive change in the world and enhancing lives by encouraging one another to relentlessly discover, explore, question and learn from current and emerging information and perspectives. Driven by a deep-rooted love of learning, creative minds and a great appreciation for connection with other individuals who are passionate about what they do, Face the Current has quickly developed into a growing team and global community of incredible people who believe in living life to the fullest and discovering their true potential. SUBSCRIBE TO DIGITAL MEMBERSHIP FOR UNLIMITEDACCESS! Facethecurrent.com/new-subscription…

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We are a growing team of Up-Standers whose intention is to create positive change in the world through networking, connecting, supporting, and developing our global thought-community at both an individual and a collective level. We are passionate about building our crew of experts and industry leaders to deliver cutting-edge information that is created “by our global community, for our global community.” This issue’s FtC team and contributing crew are based in the U.S, Spain, Canada, Guatemala and Portugal. Penelope Jean Hayes is a self-help and metaphysics writer, contemporary philosopher and theorist, host of “PENELOPE: A Podcast Show” on Apple Podcasts and iTunes, and on-camera television host. She is the author of the upcoming book titled, “The Magic of Viral Energy: An Ancient Key For Happiness, Empowerment, And Purpose” about the contagious…

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from edinburgh to inverness to the highlands: a trekker’s guide to scotland

The Highlands are rife with history—including a long record of climbing—which is part of the allure for climbers and trekkers venturing to Scotland. Victorian-era hill walkers rode trains to the Highlands where they spent holidays bagging peaks. Among other things, the development and advancement of climbing equipment and modern rock and ice climbing techniques took place in Scotland in the 1960s and 1970s. Volunteer Scottish mountain rescue teams also created many of the skills used by contemporary rescue groups. With the barren mountains, steep faces, and wild weather, Scotland has been the perfect location for the evolution of climbing techniques, clothing, and equipment. Because of this, a culture of characters was forged in the Highlands, including Dougal Haston, Hamish MacInnes, and Malcolm Smith, and those characters were at the forefront…

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an aerial tour of portugal’s gem foz do arelho

When I began to feel that photography was my passion, this beach became part of my daily commute. I was fourteen years old when I took my first photo on this beach: an impossible-to-miss rock called Gronho that rises at the end of the beach. Since then it was almost routine: a trip to Foz at the end of the day to try to photograph one of the best sunsets you can see in Portugal. I still treasure this collection of photographs. About four years ago, I bought a cheap, second-hand drone and I mounted an inexpensive action-cam to it. The drone had about seven minutes of autonomy, but it was enough to fall in love with the vision that I had gained from above. For a few weeks straight, I…

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ftc travel connection brandon olmscheid

PLACE I CALL HOME: MINNESOTA, USA INSTAGRAM: @BLOLMSCHEID BRANDONOLMSCHEID.COM Do you see travel as a path to pursuing one’s dreams? Yes, you will benefit from traveling in so many ways no matter what your passion is that you plan to pursue. Traveling puts you out of your comfort zone and opens your mind in ways you couldn’t while not traveling. Traveling could simply be that missing part to your life that could change everything for you in the best way possible. What is one place you’ve visited that truly felt like you were in a dream? One of the most surreal places I’ve experienced was definitely The Great Sand Dunes in Colorado, USA. It felt like I was walking on a different planet! It’s so unique. As the sun started to set over the horizon the…

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don jose ruiz waking up to our purest hearts: toltec wisdom to tend the gardens of our lives

In part two of Face the Current’s soulful sit-down with don Jose Ruiz, we dive deeper into our responsibility to future generations, the acceptance of our imperfect life paths, getting off of our “islands of safety,” being our own angels, breaking our addictions to suffering, facing and accepting the currents of our lives, and freeing ourselves from negative habits for the health of the gardens of our lives. We continue opening our minds to the healing wisdom of the Toltecs, as don Jose Ruiz enlightens and empowers us to live our lives with accountability and the purest of hearts with insights from his latest books “The Wisdom of the Shamans” and “The Fifth Agreement.” “Our life is an amplification of the planet, and the planet is what we call in the many…