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Face the Current Issue 24 - July-August 2019

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Face the Current Magazine is an award-winning aspirational lifestyle publication covering international content in Travel, Culture & Arts, Music, Sports & Fitness, and Health. Our mostly evergreen content is read in more than 55 countries. Face the Current is purpose driven media that aims to create a ripple effect of positive change in the world by illuminating stories of extraordinary examples of people, brands, and experiences to provide 'fuel for an inspired life' and inspire people to be their potential and to live with purpose.

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Face the Current is creating a ripple effect, inspiring positive change in the world and enhancing lives by encouraging one another to relentlessly discover, explore, question and learn from current and emerging information and perspectives. Driven by a deep-rooted love of learning, creative minds and a great appreciation for connection with other individuals who are passionate about what they do, Face the Current has quickly developed into a growing team and global community of incredible people who believe in living life to the fullest and discovering their true potential. SUBSCRIBE TO DIGITAL MEMBERSHIP FOR UNLIMITED ACCESS! Facethecurrent.com/new-subscription…

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We are a growing team of Up-Standers whose intention is to create positive change in the world through networking, connecting, supporting, and developing our global thought-community at both an individual and a collective level. We are passionate about building our crew of experts and industry leaders to deliver cutting-edge information that is created “by our global community, for our global community.” This issue’s FtC team and contributing crew are based in the U.S, Spain, and Canada. Kaylie Grace is the creator of “Purely Kaylie”, a plant-based recipe blog, which uses simple and healthy ingredients. On the blog, you’ll find delicious recipes ranging from colorful smoothie bowls to gooey chocolate chip cookies. Kaylie’s mission is to make healthy eating an inviting, approachable, and enjoyable experience for everyone. She offers meat-free, dairy-free, and…

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the magic of wanderlust elevating photography to vibrant art with kristina makeeva

“Traveling opens up a new world, expands our consciousness, inspires us and creates tolerance.” Born in the Moscow region of Russia, Kristina Makeeva’s daily surroundings were anything but saturated in color and vibrancy. However, at the age of 16, Kristina picked up a camera and changed her world. Through her daring and stunning approach to melding fashion, location, and an essence of magic, Kristina invites her viewers into her photographs to believe in a beautiful and bright world. With gorgeous international backdrops and a wide array of props, Kristina Makeeva has created an incomparable niche for herself among the many travel photographers circling the globe. Face the Current chats with Kristina about the inspiration behind her techniques, her favorite shooting locales, and her feelings about image over-saturation in our modern world. Each…

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ftc travel connection sarah and eric

PLACE WE CALL HOME: HONG KONG & UK INSTAGRAM: @CHOPSTICKSONTHELOOSE WWW.CHOPSTICKSONTHELOOSE.COM What do you find unique about traveling in Japan compared to other countries? A lot of countries are very beautiful and rich in culture, but Japan offers culture and natural beauty, which is very diverse within its own borders. We spent a year travelling through the entire country and were blown away by how different each region was. There’s also this politeness and genuine friendliness we felt as we travelled around. People are generally happy to see you and very happy to chat and get to know you. It’s a place we’ve made many friends along our travels. What are your top 3 summer and top 3 fall destinations you’d highly recommend experiencing, and what do you love about these places? Our favorite destinations to travel…

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ftc travel connection noah lang ragone

PLACE I CALL HOME: HONOLULU, HI INSTAGRAM: @NOAHAWAII WWW.NOAHLANGADVENTURES.COM What is one region you’ve spent time traveling in that you find unique and breathtaking? The San Juan National Forest in Colorado. The entire drive along highway 550 starting in Durango all the way up to Ouray is nothing short of mind blowing. In the San Juans I had the opportunity to hike to Ice and Island Lake, which is next to nothing in terms of beauty when it comes to alpine lakes. The whole drive is unique to people visiting because of the little towns sandwiched in between the mountains that are different and wholesome in their own way. The fall beauty along that drive when the aspen trees start to change color in the fall is like nothing else, and something that anyone…

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putting the “science” in science fiction with dr. erin macdonald

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”- Carl Sagan Studying the vast complexities of our universe is an endeavor that requires patience, skill, intelligence, a sharp wit, and a keen sense of humor. Dr. Erin Macdonald is the living amalgamation of these attributes. She is an astrophysicist, science fiction consultant, and aerospace engineer, who specializes in general relativity and hosts the online series, “Dr Erin Explains the Universe.” Dr. Erin has previously worked in the LIGO Scientific Collaboration searching for gravitational waves, and currently consults with science-fiction writers, teaching STEM through popular culture. We recently chatted with Dr. Erin to learn more about her work, science, exploring the inner-workings of the universe, how life imitates art, and more! Jennifer Sodini: Can you recall the moment when you first fell in love with science? Erin Macdonald:…