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Face the Current Issue 28 - March-April 2020

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Face the Current Magazine is an award-winning aspirational lifestyle publication covering international content in Travel, Culture & Arts, Music, Sports & Fitness, and Health. Our mostly evergreen content is read in more than 55 countries. Face the Current is purpose driven media that aims to create a ripple effect of positive change in the world by illuminating stories of extraordinary examples of people, brands, and experiences to provide 'fuel for an inspired life' and inspire people to be their potential and to live with purpose.

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Face the Current is an awardwinning aspirational and inspirational magazine and fast-growing digital destination for all those seeking purposeful, conscious, and connected living. With a double meaning, Face the Current is about living in the now (in the current moment) while also facing life and all it brings as we aspire to be our potential and live with purpose. Launched with a simple yet powerful mission, Face the Current strives to be more than just a magazine as we work to create a ripple-effect of positive change. Why? Face the Current believes that media can be purpose-driven and inspiring, so we committed to fostering a sense of interconnectedness in the world. We showcase the very best in people while building connections between family, friends, ourselves, the environment, food, places and to…

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ftc team

Sasha Frate Founder & Editor-in-Chief Sasha is a perspective seeker, adventurer, and explorer. She received her Master’s Degree in Liberal Arts and continues to study a variety of subjects within and outside of the academic setting. Sasha brings her personal moonshot approach to life to FtC, aiming to provide an experience for our global community where we inspire one another to stay curious, never stop exploring, and to live with purpose and to our potential. sasha@facethecurrent.com Ainsley Schoppel Co-Editor-in-Chief Ainsley is a classical pianist, former figure skater, and loves summers at the lake in northern Ontario. She holds an honors BA in Psychology and Arts & Business, and also earned a graduate degree in Hospitality and Business Management while working at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. After working in Toronto on published women-focused research,…

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2020 contributors

Kai Karrel is writer, a poet, a mystic, and a practicing medium. In the last few years, Kai has dedicated his attention and focus to the Afro-Brazilian Shamanic teachings and the wisdom of the forest. He is a mystical traveler devoted to the exploration of the unknowable. He travels among native traditions and ancient cultures. In a way he considers himself a traditional light warrior, using the lighter side of his teaching to inspire spiritual growth and self-love. In recent years Kai has been devoting his time to the study of plant medicine and the shamanic modalities of healing and awakening, studying with master teachers in Brazil and honing his skill as a medium and healer www.kaikarrel.com Lisa Guy is a well-respected Australian naturopath, author and passionate foodie, with over 18 years clinical experience.…

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mountain madness transformative guided treks to fuel the spirit of adventure

Mountain Madness was born from the idea that adventurers—driven by their passion for mountain exploration—yearned for a community to serve as a unifying platform for the sport. In 1984, Mountain Madness founders Scott Fischer and Wes Krause became the world’s second team to stand atop Kilimanjaro’s infamous Breach Icicle. This kickstarted the duo’s desire to seek out wild experiences around the world to quench their adventurous thirst. Once Fischer and Krause realized that there were others like themselves with a love of climbing and trekking, Mountain Madness was formed. Fischer scaled the world’s highest and most challenging peaks, including K2 and Mount Everest, and he was the first American to summit Lhotse. Sadly, during an intense storm on Mount Everest in 1996, Fischer lost his life and left behind an incomparable…

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ftc travel connection wanderlust & adventure stories

FTC TRAVEL CONNECTION MENA GOBRAN PLACE I CALL HOME: CALIFORNIA INSTAGRAM: @MENA_SHOOTZ WWW.MENASHOOTZ.COM Singapore boasts incredible living walls, some of which can even be found in their airport where the vertical garden is made up of over fifty species of 100,000 plants! Living walls give back to the city with the benefits of noise pollution filtration, air purification, and quality of life enhancement for all who pass by. What was it like to experience a city brought to life in this way? Before traveling to Singapore, I read that Singapore was aiming to be the greenest country in the world. I also saw many photos online that backed up that statement. The minute you got off the plane, it was truly apparent that Singapore was indeed pursuing just that. The feeling of walking around the…

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new “cold wild swimming” trend demands a growing movement for ice bath retreats

A lot has been written lately about the growing number of people braving freezing temperatures to swim in the great outdoors. In increasing numbers, these devotees of the cold are invading freshwater lakes, plunging in icy mountain pools, and thrashing about in ocean waves, all to experience the inner calm and alleged ultimate natural high found with wild winter swimming. (In case you were wondering, wild swimming is swimming in any natural body of water, including lakes, ponds, rivers, and oceans). Once only experienced in the name of cultural traditions or perhaps as part of special-forces training, the practice is now going mainstream and is even finding a niche in the wellness travel boom. In recent years, many countries including Denmark, Norway, and Sweden—whose denizens have enjoyed skinny-dipping in cold rivers…