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Face the Current Issue 29 - May-June 2020

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Face the Current Magazine is an award-winning aspirational lifestyle publication covering international content in Travel, Culture & Arts, Music, Sports & Fitness, and Health. Our mostly evergreen content is read in more than 55 countries. Face the Current is purpose driven media that aims to create a ripple effect of positive change in the world by illuminating stories of extraordinary examples of people, brands, and experiences to provide 'fuel for an inspired life' and inspire people to be their potential and to live with purpose.

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Face the Current is an award-winning aspirational and inspirational magazine and fast-growing digital destination for all those seeking purposeful, conscious, and connected living. With a double meaning, Face the Current is about living in the now (in the current moment) while also facing life and all it brings as we aspire to be our potential and live with purpose. Launched with a simple yet powerful mission, Face the Current strives to be more than just a magazine as we work to create a ripple-effect of positive change. Why? Face the Current believes that media can be purpose-driven and inspiring, so we committed to fostering a sense of interconnectedness in the world. We showcase the very best in people while building connections between family, friends, ourselves, the environment, food, places and to…

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We are a growing team of Up-Standers whose intention is to create positive change in the world through networking, connecting, supporting, and developing our global thought-community at both an individual and a collective level. We are passionate about building our crew of experts and industry leaders to deliver cutting-edge information that is created “by our global community, for our global community.” This issue’s FtC team and contributing crew are based in the U.S, Spain, and Canada. Sasha Frate Founder & Editor-in-Chief Sasha is a perspective seeker, adventurer, and explorer. She received her Master’s Degree in Liberal Arts and continues to study a variety of subjects within and outside of the academic setting. Sasha brings her personal moonshot approach to life to FtC, aiming to provide an experience for our global community where we…

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dreaming with eyes wide open: an inspired world with the contemporary work of artist marcel van luit

A successful, transcendent, and in-demand career in fine art is most often the result of meticulous studies, innumerable studio hours, popular exhibitions, lucrative commissions, and—perhaps—even a little bit of kismet. It is not the side-effect of a debilitating and rare nerve disorder that causes paralysis and requires intense physical therapy—that is, not unless your name is Marcel van Luit. Following a teaching and social work career, Netherlands-born van Luit was diagnosed with Guillan-Barré syndrome. After experiencing complete paralysis, van Luit was transferred to a rehabilitation facility where he took up photography and editing as a form of physiotherapy and mental escapism. His first subject, his baby son, offered him the perfect inspiration to create pieces that captured the spirit of adventure and highlighted the beauty of tonal juxtaposition. “When we use our…

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ftc travel connection wanderlust & adventure stories

FTC TRAVEL CONNECTION ALEX AND JAMES PLACE I CALL HOME: WHEREVER WE LAY OUR HAT! INSTAGRAM: @TWOSOMETRAVELLERS WWW.TWOSOMETRAVELLERS.COM Alex and James Lock are the creators of Twosome Travellers, a travel-based content platform backed by big brands and brimming with stunning images and helpful recommendations based on adventurous first-hand experience. Both hailing from the United Kingdom, Alex and James began their wanderlust with a five-month sojourn across Asia that prompted their desire to never return home. Now using Australia as their base, Alex and James travel the world and do what they do best—sample exotic cuisines, capture visually stunning explorations and hikes, review all manner of accommodations, and generally and most importantly, show us the road less travelled. As you explored the beauty and “furry inhabitants” of Australia, what were the most memorable and recommended stops that…

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embracing the new normal opening our hearts to internal change and connected consciousness

My clients, colleagues, friends, and family members seem to be trying—with great courage—to achieve a sense of normalcy with Zoom meeting after Zoom meeting, work reports, homework, and tightly manufactured schedules. I own that I have fallen into the trap of taking on more writing with the assumption that now, without work travel, I have more time to get things done. WHOA—pause and take a breath! As someone who has experienced crises in both my work and personal life, and who has listened in support to others in crisis, it is a slippery slope to think that just buckling down and being productive will be your answer until things get back to normal. Are you one of the millions around the world, from the C-suite executives to elementary school teachers, asking…

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the journey to a more sustainable inner and outer world with jerry yudelson

Jerry Yudelson is a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Fellow—the highest achievement for a LEED professional in the green building industry—a Federal GSA (General Services Administration) National Peer Professional, a registered professional engineer with more than twenty-five years’ experience, and the author of fourteen books on green buildings, water conservation, green homes, green marketing, and sustainable development. Yudelson’s work is focused on the long-term environmental impact of urban developments on climate change, specifically greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the operations of homes and buildings. With a B.S. in engineering from Caltech, an A.M. in water resources engineering from Harvard, and a M.B.A. from the University of Oregon, Jerry is an irrefutable expert on green living. A pioneer in organizing Earth Day activities in 1970 on the Caltech campus, Yudelson…