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Farmer's Weekly 15 November 2019

Farmer’s Weekly is an agricultural magazine based in South Africa, targeting the whole of Southern Africa. The magazine is committed to advancing the interests of the region’s farmers and its agricultural industry by serving as a mouthpiece for the industry and by keeping its readers informed of the latest developments in the agricultural sector.

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state employees need a reality check

Much has been said about South Africa’s ‘dual economy’, which is the result of lingering and deep-rooted inequality. The term refers to how some South Africans participate in the formal economy and have access to First World services and modern lifestyles, while other South Africans, who are still largely excluded from the formal economy, struggle to get by without access to even basic services. In the farming sector, this dual economy is especially apparent. The country’s net-food exporter and food-secure status, in a region where many countries are still struggling to achieve national food security, can be credited to a well-developed commercial farming sector. Farmers in this sector are globally competitive, and their access to modern technology helps them improve efficiencies and grow their businesses. On the other hand, there is a…

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farmer's weekly

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challenges to feeding a growing population

“It has taken humankind 10 000 years of agricultural development to produce the quantities of food, feed, fibre and fuel (4Fs) that we do today. Yet the world will have to double its current agricultural output to meet the 4F needs of 2050. And 70% of these agricultural products will have to come from advanced technologies such as genetically modified crops, new fertiliser efficiency technologies, and smart farming equipment. The challenges ahead of 2050 will be to reduce food waste and distribute agricultural products efficiently to people across the planet. Right now, we have enough of the 4Fs for everyone, but we’re already struggling to get these to all people. By 2050, there are expected to be 10 billion people on the planet. This is an average annual increase (with projected deaths…

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pig farming management and production

CONFERENCES, WORKSHOPS & EXPOS 26 TO 27 NOVEMBER African Agri Investment Indaba, Cape Town International Convention Centre.Visit agri-indaba.com. 26 TO 27 NOVEMBER Management and Treatment of Domestic and Industrial Wastewater, International Convention Centre, East London.Email dev@gptc.co.za. 27 TO 29 NOVEMBER Water Security in Africa, Radisson Blu Hotel, Cape Town. Email gmahlanzi@intellect-adv.co.za. 28 TO 29 NOVEMBER 4.0 Industrial Revolution Agri Tech Conference 2019, The Lanzerac, Stellenbosch. Email Empire Training and Conferences at ryan@empiretraining.co.za, or phone 073›946 9796. 18 TO 20 FEBRUARY 2020 Africa Agri Tech, The Maslow and Sun Arena, Pretoria. Email Willem Reyneke at willem@africa-agri.co.za. 19 T0 21 FEBRUARY 2020 Argus Africa Fertiliser Conference, Cape Town. Email Andrea Ribeiro›at fertsconferences@argusmedia.com. COURSES & TRAINING 18 TO 21 NOVEMBER Beaulieu Equestrian Academy: Professional Instructor Training, Kyalami. Email admissions@kyalamischools.org. 18 TO 22 NOVEMBER Pig Farming Management and Production, George. Visit rltsafrica.com/product/ nutrition-management-2. 21 NOVEMBER Cattle Pregnancy Awareness, Bloemfontein. Visit rltsafrica.com/ product/pregnancy-awareness. 25 TO…

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south africa, it’s time to invest in biogas!

South Africa has barely scratched the surface of the enormous potential of biogas as a sustainable energy source, waste management system and producer of fertiliser. Biogas offers the most accessible solution to South Africa’s energy production, waste treatment and environmental pollution challenges, especially for homes and schools in rural areas, and food manufacturing and waste treatment plants in municipalities. It should thus be prioritised as a sustainable solution. This is according to Agama Biogas, which has been producing and installing prefabricated biogas digesters across the country for a decade. BIOGAS IN SOUTH AFRICA In South Africa, the industry has existed in a low-intensity state for a long time, inhibited by complex legislative requirements relating to power and waste streams. There are currently about 100 biogas projects in South Africa in development, construction or operation. “There’s…

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from our archives

8 SEPTEMBER 1972 An amazing new variety 47 YEARS AGO This article reported on the Regop maize variety, which was claimed to be more drought-resistant than most, and to have excellent yield. Regop is the fruits of a decade of breeding by two farming brothers in Ladysmith. David and William Salmond have produced first-class, white, multi-cob hybrids that have matched the yields of the best, and they have now applied to have them registered as Regop. HO Gevers, chief plant breeder of the Natal Region, paid tribute to the work done by the Salmonds. “In addition to giving farmers in long growing season areas another maize to plant, they have given plant breeders extremely valuable breeding material.” In turn, the Salmonds acknowledged that without Gevers’ guidance, they would not have advanced so far in their breeding…