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Farms and Farm Machinery Issue 371

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compact convenience

Massey Ferguson has introduced two new models to its sub-compact range of tractors, which it says can be equipped to take on multiple tasks for commercial, residential and farm work. The new 23 horsepower (17.1 kilowatts) GC 1723E and the 25hp (18.6kW) GC1725M replace MF’s 1705, 1715 and 1720 models, with styling similar to the larger tractors under the company banner. Equipped with a diesel-powered three-cylinder engine, the tractors feature a low-rated engine rpm that reduces vibration and noise, which it says will improve engine life and decrease fuel consumption. The radiator and radiator fan have been placed behind the engine in both models, pulling hot air away from the operator in order to keep both them and the engine cooler. Hydrostatic foot pedals are on the right side of the platform, while the…

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all purpose tractor launch

Deutz-Fahr has added a rollover protection system (ROPS) tractor and a new, more powerful cab model to its 4E series, which it says will help it provide ‘unequalled versatility’ in the field. The new 95 horsepower (70.8kW) 4100.4E model will be the most powerful in the range, complementing the 62hp (46kW) 4065E and the 80hp (60kW) 4080.4E, while the new 4090.4E ROPS model is 85hp (63kW). Anthony Darvienza, Deutz-Fahr tractor specialist for Australian distributor PFG, says the new models are powerful, yet compact. “With a creep-speed of just 280m/hr and a top speed of 40km/h, these tractors are a good fit for any job from large life style blocks, to the challenging and precise applications required by grape growers and horticulturalists,” he says. “In addition, these tractors are so easy to operate and maintain…

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deere thwarts thefts

Due to their ‘plug and play’ design, thieves have been targeting GPS equipment on John Deere tractors, with thousands of dollars’ worth already on the black market. In a bid to try and curb the thefts, John Deere has devised its own PIN code locking system to protect its valuable GreenStar in-cab displays and StarFire satellite receivers. This has been designed to make it impossible to use the components if they are stolen. Until now, they could only be locked and protected mechanically. However, to increase the level of protection, John Deere has introduced the built-in PIN code lock, similar to that used on smartphones, for both components. The PIN code for the display and the receiver can be entered via the John Deere display. If the user forgets the code, they can…

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claas connects

Anew ISOBUS task controller and two new satellite correction signals have been introduced by Claas as the company boosts its precision agriculture offerings. Used in its steering guidance systems, Claas’s Satcor 5 and 15 signals are suitable for a wide range of agricultural applications, says Luke Wheeler, Claas Harvest Centre product manager for Claas JAGUAR and Greenline. “Satcor 5 provides an accuracy of 5cm, which is suitable for precision work such as drilling,” he says. “Satcor 15 has an accuracy of 15cm and is suitable for cultivating, fertilising, crop protection and harvesting applications – a reliable alternative to freely-available correction signals that have only limited usability.” Transmitted by geostationary satellites and available worldwide, the signal supports both GPS and GLONASS and is compatible with the European Galileo system. The signals can be received by Claas…

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specialised spraying

Western Australian avocado producers go into overdrive between October and January every year, as eastern states demand reaches a high that the producers of NSW and Queensland are unable to meet. For Lisa Roche and the team at DR&DJ Roche Farms in Eastbrook, near Pemberton, it’s an opportunity worth timing annual production around. First planted over 25 years ago, today the orchard is in five blocks with about 4,500 established trees spread over 17 hectares. But with maintaining these mature trees, the challenge can often be making sure any sprays reach every part of the often bulky canopy to apply copper supplements in order to protect against dieback. To achieve this, the company recently upgraded its spraying equipment, buying a new Silvan trailed G2E Supaflo 4,000-litre sprayer with the Radak conveyor assembly to replace…

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feature focused

Kubota’s M5001 Series features all-purpose, mid-range tractors tailored specifically for farmers seeking both comfort and high-performance agility. While previous mid-size Kubota tractors available in Australia peaked at 85 horsepower (63kW), the most powerful of the M5001 Series tops 100hp (75kW), with the range fitting neatly into the 90hp–110hp (67–82kW) slot. The series offers four models: the M5091 and M5111 Standard, and the M5091 and M5101 Narrow, both with most of the same features in a compact, narrow tractor aimed at orchard and vineyard agriculture. With up to 36 gears in a synchronised dual-speed transmission with smooth power shuttle, the M5001 Series provides the variable speeds farmers are looking for. The Series is performance-matched with Kubota implements, making it perfectly suited to a variety of uses in cattle and dairy operations, fields,…