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Farms and Farm Machinery Issue 374

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russian red makes its move

The Kirovets K-424 tractor is set for launch to Australian buyers later this year, with hopes to hit the market in time for tillage season. Produced by Russian manufacturer Peterburgsky Traktorny Zavod, the articulated, 240 horsepower (179kW) tractor is designed principally for tillage work on farms of between 500 and 2,000 hectares. The range is distributed in Australia by APCO Machinery, a subsidiary company of business management consultancy the Australian Productivity Council, with executive director Craig Milne telling Farms & Farm Machinery that the tractor had a number of features that set it apart from its competition. “This tractor is unusual in that it’s articulated in a power range that is all front wheel assist at the moment, although it is much the same size as the early artics from Wagner, Steiger and…

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fresh air

John Deere has redesigned its N500C Air Drill for small-grains producers, with the new models to start production in September 2020. The redesigned air drills have a raised platform to give operators easier access to the meter, allowing them to clear blockages and clean out seed more simply. John Deere Seeding marketing manager Ryan Hough says the change, which also includes repositioning the blower on the new models to be mounted in the forward position, follows the top requests of producers. The air drill also has electric-drive volumetric meters that will offer greater seed population control, as well as variable-rate seeding capabilities using John Deere’s Section Command technology. This is in addition to new technologies including tank scales and systems for row-to-row seed-flow monitoring, down-force control from the cab and an app allowing the…

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top soil

Launched in 2018 after two years of development work, Rocca Industries’ ST 350 disc-tiller was designed to offer its users greater speed and efficiency in soil conditioning. Company spokesman Scott Wolf says the model is a natural next step after using disc harrows as tillage equipment. “This is a more cost effective because it is much cheaper, a much more efficient machine and it is quicker, so farmers can realise cost savings in other areas, not just at the purchase of equipment,” he says. The tiller uses 510–660mm boron steel discs that are notched for better soil penetration and chopping of debris – making them a strong choice for residue management and in areas with dry, hard soil. A crumble roller built on the end of the machine assists with the breakup of soil…

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steiger rowtrac revamp

Three models in the Steiger Rowtrac range of tractors will be able to travel up to 40km/h with no weight restrictions when the 2019 models arrive in August, Case IH says. The changes include new material on the outside of the roller wheels and changes to the tracks on the 400, 450 and 500 tractors, which boast a maximum engine power of 446 horsepower (333kW), 502hp (374kW) and 558hp (416kW) respectively. This will help reduce friction and heat build-up, making the tractors’ mid-rollers more durable and resulting in reduced track wear. High horsepower product manager for Case IH Alyx Selsmeyer says the change is important for Australian customers, due to the hotter weather and the fact users spend more time in the field locally than in other markets. The tractors will also have a…

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return to form

Flexi-Coil has made its return to the disc drill market with a new product it says will help place seeds more quickly and more accurately than its predecessors. Released onto the market in April after a long period of development, Flexi-Coil’s 6100 Precision Disc Drill marks a return by the company to this specialised segment of the seeder market. Company brand leader Steve Mulder told Farms & Farm Machinery that the company had been testing the Canada-built product thoroughly to confirm its suitability for Australian conditions. “We tend to have more abrasive soils than Canada, so we need to understand how it is going to perform and how reliable it is,” he says. “There is always a need for disc drills; it is a niche market and some people see that as the optimal…

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flurosat signs landmark deal

Landmark has integrated the FluroSense precision agriculture package developed by Eveleigh, NSW-based FluroSat into its Echelon farm management platform, the companies have announced. FluroSense uses aerial imagery of paddocks to build maps showing crop stress, nutrient needs and water stress – helping users to better decide which areas need special attention. FluroSat CEO Anastasia Volkova says this allows farmers to make small savings per hectare, which she says can add up to a “massive difference at scale”. “For the first time, farmers can accurately measure the impact of different nitrogen levels across their crop,” she says. “They’ll be able to then apply the right amount of fertiliser at the right place in order to get the best possible yields, and also not waste fertiliser where it won’t make a major difference.” The companies say the…