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Farms and Farm Machinery Issue 389

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ryegrass revolution

Following feedback from Australian buyers, Great Plains has revised the hydraulic circuit design and installed a new blockage monitor system on its Spartan II air drill range. Available in six-metre and nine-metre versions, the Spartan II has been distributed locally by Great Plains’ parent company Kubota since 2018, with Great Plains product manager John Moloney saying the company had learned from its experience in Australia when redesigning the product. “A very unique thing to the Australian market is the amount of ryegrass that gets drilled… it was certainly something Great Plains had to take some time to learn about, because they don’t do that amount of pasture seed in the US or any of their other markets,” says Moloney. While the Spartan II’s hardware was able to plant ryegrass – which has smaller…

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flying high

New features on Pöttinger’s redesigned Jumbo loader wagon range, now available Australia-wide, will help cater to shrinking harvest windows, the company says. The four models in the Jumbo Combiline loader wagon range boast a new loading system, with controlled pickups and cam control tracks at either end. Designed with capacities of between 33–48 cubic metres, and suitable for tractors of between 160 and 450 horsepower (119 to 336kW), the loaders are designed to suit almost any property. The number of tine rows has decreased, from eight to seven, but the thickness of the tines has increased, from 5.5mm to 6mm, Pöttinger Australian territory manager Benjamin Mitchell says. “That has increased the lifespan of the tine by up to 20 per cent,” he says. “The seven row pick-up is controlled from both ends by steel cam…

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solid sequel

Australian manufacturer Goldacres has started production on a new version of its successful G6 Crop Cruiser, which it says is faster, smarter and stronger than its predecessor. The G6 Crop Cruiser Series 2 comes with Goldacres’ new Tritech RivX boom, with a new design of the boom’s steel inner wings and aluminium/steel composite outer wings. Using high strength rivets instead of welding means the RivX outer wings can withstand 300 per cent more flexes than the equivalent welded boom, the company says. Available in widths of 36–42m and now the option of up to 48 metres, the booms have a hydraulic outer-boom wing folding mechanism that includes a hydraulics breakaway feature to protect the boom in the event of a collision with an object. On top of this, Goldacres is offering the new Autoboom…

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new connections

Case IH is rolling out its AFS Connect Magnum tractor series across Australia and New Zealand, after a sneak peek at last year’s AgQuip Field Days. Equipped with updated features such as an automotive-style cabin as well as a refined armrest, the tractors are said to offer new levels of connectivity and remote monitoring. Case IH high horsepower product manager for Australia and New Zealand Alyx Selsmeyer says the new AFS Magnum allows farmers to precisely manage the farm, fleet and data anywhere, anytime from a desktop or tablet. “The AFS Connect portal is the key to this series of tractor, giving the customer a view of the field operations, fleet information and agronomic data from their preferred device, wherever they are, and also allowing for the sharing of this information with trusted…

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winds of change

Henk de Graaf, the managing director of Western Australia-based Industrial Automation Group, says the silo aeration system he and his team has developed can save grain-growers anything from $20–$40 per tonne. Built off the back of a grain aeration technology developed for WA’s Co-operative Bulk Handling, and further developed in collaboration with the CSIRO, today’s system uses a predictive algorithm to show what is happening inside the grain bulk within a silo. “One of the main things that sets our controller aside from any other controller on the market is that we actually insist that the farmer tells us what he puts into his silo in the first place,” de Graaf says. “If you don’t know what the grain has been doing inside the silo, how do you know the air that you…

6 min
higher power

[Customers] told us they need a tractor that is comfortable, with unrivalled visibility, efficient, easy to use and smart. Following seven years of testing around the globe, Massey Ferguson has formally launched its MF 8S series of tractors, after allowing a sneak peek at Agritechnical 2019. The MF 8S series comprises four new models, all with a new interpretation of the iconic MF grey sabre stripe on the side and horse head collar motif on the bonnet, which dates back to the MF 100 series. Built on a 3.05m wheelbase, they offer maximum power from 205hp to 265hp (153kW to 198kW), all with an extra 20hp (15kW) from Engine Power Management (EPM). At the same time, Massey Ferguson introduces a new numbering system. For example, in naming the MF 8S.265 model the 8 stands…