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Fit & Well is the modern diet and fitness brand for 30 plus women. Fit & Well is aimed at busy 30 plus women with an interest in health and fitness who are looking for fast, easy ways to feel better. With a focus on healthy eating, leading a fitter, and more fun, lifestyle and challenging yourself to get active, it's packed with expert tips, fast fixes and bite-sized information that provide both inspiration and solutions as well as opportunities to interact online and get involved.

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sip away festive stress

This nourishing drink is your new nightcap, according to Sasha Sabapathy, founder of Glow Bar in London. Traditionally, an Ayurvedic drink made from cow’s milk, cinnamon and honey, Moon Milks are taking the Instagram hashtag scene by storm and at Glow Bar, they’re made with a mixture of superfoods and superherbs. The benefits are endless, depending on what you choose to include in your Moon Milk. You may use the herb Ashwagandha and lavender, like we do in our Chill Moon Milk for a relaxing, anxiety-fighting drink or marine collagen, Super Glowy and Moringa for something more tailored towards your skin,’ says Sasha.‘The drink is designed to heal and nourish. It’s also soothing on the tummy, and anti-inflammatory.’ Try Sasha’s at-home recipe and enjoy a stress-free time before bed every evening… MAKE YOUR…

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#the 20-min party dress diet!

We all want to look great at the Christmas do. Whether you’re rocking a sequin number or a LBD, feeling sexy and slim is a must. No need to diet for a month beforehand, though. Body On Demand (BOD) have released brand-new Prosecco and Mulled Wine scented bath salts (£10 each, Holland & Barrett), which promise to help beat the bloat and banish water retention by up to 3lb. With 70% of people affected by bloating, particularly around the Christmas period, it’s set to be the flat tummy dream we’ve been waiting for. Simply pour a bag of the salts into a full, hot bath, and r-e-l-a-x. After 20 minutes, you’re good to go. We’re off for a soak then… Shape up in seconds… These instant slimming tricks will do all the hard work…

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build the perfect… hangover breakfast

Protein 1 Milk 2 Eggs 3 Natural yogurt 4 Baked beans Carbs 5 Bananas 6 Oats 7 Rye bread 8 Berries Hangover-buster 9 Dark chocolate 10 Cayenne pepper 11 Honey 12 Chia seeds 1 + 5 + 9 = The Mood Booster Hang-xiety? Whizz up this smoothie. Dark choc boosts happy hormones, banana replenishes lost electrolytes while Greek yogurt stabilises shaky blood-sugar levels. 2 + 7 + 12 = The Filling Detox Eggs help combat hangover-causing toxins, rye bread keeps you full and chia bumps up your low B vitamin levels to help you feel perky. 4 + 7 + 10 = The Headache Helper Beans and rye bread hit the spot for a hangover hanger, while cayenne pepper is a natural pain-reliever to ease a headache. 1 + 6 + 11 = The Stomach Soother Feeling iffy? Keep it plain with porridge warmed with milk to settle nausea (and up lost…

3 min.
to fast or not to fast?

Since the 5:2 diet stormed on to the scene in 2012, fasting has become a hot topic, said to aid weight loss and offer a multitude of health benefits. From 16-hour fasting to completely avoiding food for one day each week (#sendhelp) there’s a range of different fasting styles. Not sure if fasting’s for you? Or, wondering how on earth you’re meant to go without food for so long? Our experts share their opposing opinions on this growing trend… THE CASE FOR… ‘OUR BODIES ARE EQUIPPED TO GO WITHOUT FOOD FOR PERIODS OF TIME’ Nutritionist and author Rob Hobson reckons there are many pluses to fasting… ‘Although the research is lacking a little in terms of the health benefits of fasting, many people have found it useful as a way of dieting that doesn’t involve…

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which fast is for you?

THE 5:2 Involves eating normally (and healthily!) for five days of the week and limiting food intake to 500 or 600 calories (depending on gender) for the remaining two. If you have a very active social life, 5:2 is a good option as you can work around fasting days. With exercise, try to plan your training for non-fasting days. THE 16:8 You’ll be fasting for 14-16 hours each day, leaving an eating window of eight to 10 hours, so your evening meal is likely to be a little earlier and breakfast later. If you enjoy evening socialising, it can be tricky as you’ll probably be eating later in the night. If you exercise first thing, Rob recommends eating a carb-rich meal the night before to fuel your morning workout. THE 6:1 (EAT-STOP-EAT) A full 24-hour…

5 min.
‘exercise keeps me sane!’

There’s a big difference between ITV presenter Lorraine and a lot of celebrities who’ve released their own fitness DVDs, and it’s not just that the daytime star is turning 60 next year (something she’s fully embracing, by the way). But, almost two years since she launched her first high-energy dance aerobics DVD Brand New You, Lorraine has successfully sustained her weight loss, is happier with her body, and now feels passionate about exposing how fad diets and extreme workout regimes just don’t work in the long-term. ‘I literally worked my bum off, and I’m still working it off, to maintain that weight loss – you have to make it part of your life,’ says Lorraine, who dropped three dress sizes after joining instructor and good pal, Maxine Jones’ London-based fitness classes…