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to your health

DINNERS UNDER 500 CALORIES Try these light meals from our Weeknight Cooking section. CLAM AND BACON SOUP PAGE 96 CALORIES: 410 MOJO PORK WITH SWEET PLANTAINS PAGE 100 CALORIES: 480 SLOW-ROASTED SALMON WITH MEXICAN CREAMED CORN PAGE 112 CALORIES: 460 STEAK SALAD WITH TZATZIKI PAGE 112 CALORIES: 470 EAT S’MORE CHOCOLATE! Researchers recently found that habitually eating dark or milk chocolate can boost brain function. Frequent chocolate eaters scored higher on memory, organizing and reasoning tests than those who rarely or never ate chocolate. Researchers link these brain benefits to the flavonols in chocolate. Make a s’more with dark chocolate—it’s highest in flavonols—and then check out the winner of our s’more reader contest (page 63). EGG ON Don’t turn down an egg because you’re worried about cholesterol: A recent study found that a moderate intake of cholesterol (up to an egg a day)…

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star spotlight

Workout gear My number-one beauty tip is to sweat. I love to eat, so I have to work at staying in shape. I start most days with a one- to two-hour Tracy Anderson Method class. When I do Tracy’s workouts, I can eat whatever I want. Plus, I sleep better—which is key to looking fresh!” Eclipse Bra, $40, and Studio Printed Leggings, $70; underarmour.com Natural hair “In the summer, I don’t ever turn on the blow-dryer—I just shampoo and air-dry. My hair is naturally curly, and if it gets a little frizzy, it’s just a beachy look. I also treat my hair with coconut oil—the same stuff I cook with.” L’Oréal Paris EverStrong Thickening Shampoo, $7, at drugstores; Spectrum Unrefined Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, $8, at grocery stores Bold brows “I’m really into full eyebrows,…

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you don’t say......

Catch the premiere of Food Network Star May 22 at 9 p.m. ET. There I was, sitting next to Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis at the judges’ table on the set of Food Network Star, waiting to do what I’d seen the experts do hundreds of times: Take a bite, say something insightful about the dish, maybe chat about the garnishes and the plating techniques with the other judges. Technically, I had been training for this moment my entire life. I have a culinary degree, I’ve eaten out a lot, I married a chef, I edit a food magazine for Pete’s sake—I figured, I’ve got this. The crew placed a dish in front of each of us, a delicate, beautiful puff pastry dessert. The contestants were in formation, anxiously waiting to…

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you asked...

Katie, I have tried to make veggie burgers, but they tend to fall apart and taste like the beans they’re made of— not good. Do you have a yummy veggie burger recipe to share? Luana Ingabrand Farson, WY Yes, I have one for portobello burgers that’s great if you want something like a burger but don’t like the bean flavor. You can find the recipe in my cookbook The Comfort Table: Recipes for Everyday Occasions and at foodnetwork.com/portobelloburgers. —Katie Lee Marc, my mac and cheese turns out grainy. Do you have a good recipe? Laura Salcido via Facebook Absolutely! I make my mac and cheese using a combination of three cheeses—white American, gruyère and parmesan—to make it really creamy, with a lot of depth. You can get the recipe at foodnetwork.com/marcsmacandcheese. —Marc Murphy Damaris, what are…

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they meat again...

Two cult-favorite burger chains could be headed for a turf war: For years, New York–born Shake Shack and Los Angeles–born In-N-Out Burger never had to share customers. But Shake Shack has been popping up in In-N-Out territory lately with locations in Las Vegas and Phoenix, and now the chain has landed in In-N-Out’s hometown. The new West Hollywood Shake Shack is less than three miles from the closest In-N-Out, and the next one, opening later this year in Glendale, will be a mere 352 yards from the competition—close enough that you can get a cheeseburger from both and eat them while they’re still hot.…

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cook in julia’s kitchen!

You can now master the art of French cooking in the master’s own home: La Pitchoune, Julia Child’s summer cottage in Provence, is available for rent. The chef’s own pots and pans are still hanging from the pegboard-covered walls, and you’re welcome to use them. Weekly rentals starting at $502/night; lapeetch.com Potlucks: All in Favor? In Arizona, the riskiest part of a potluck isn’t the unidentifiable salad, it’s hosting the gathering in the first place: Potlucks outside of a workplace have been llegal since 2006 because of an arcane food-safety law. But this year, state representative Kelly Townsend introduced a bill to legalize potlucks in homes, schools and churches. The legislature passed it unanimously, and the governor is expected to enact the law by the start of summer—just in time for cookouts. TV…