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to your health

DINNERS UNDER 500 CALORIES Try these light meals from our Weeknight Cooking section. OPEN-FACE EGG AND COLLARDS SANDWICHES PAGE 84 CALORIES: 450 VIETNAMESE PORK CHOPS WITH GINGER RICE PAGE 98 CALORIES: 410 PROSCIUTTO-WRAPPED CHICKEN PAGE 94 CALORIES: 420 WHOLE-WHEAT PASTA WITH SAUSAGE AND SWISS CHARD PAGE 98 CALORIES: 440 ASPARAGUS FOR THE AFTER-PARTY The health benefits of asparagus go beyond providing vitamins and nutrients: A study found that consuming it may help alleviate hangovers. Researchers think this could be due to amino acids and minerals in asparagus that protect liver cells from toxins. So if you overdid it on the margaritas (page 56), try one of the asparagus recipes on page 112. ABOUT FACE Do your skin a favor and load up on fish and shellfish: They contain coenzyme Q10, an antioxidant with anti-aging properties. Smoked Salmon Canapés page 136 “Name…

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What’s your next big makeover? “I’VE HAPPILY RENTED MY BROOKLYN HOME FOR NINE YEARS, BUT MY RESCUE DOG, ELLA EDAM, IS PUSHING ME TO HOME OWNERSHIP. SHE NEEDS A BIGGER BACKYARD.” Sunny Anderson The Kitchen; Cooking for Real; Home Made in America with Sunny Anderson pgs. 24, 32 Bobby Flay Beat Bobby Flay; Brunch @ Bobby’s; Food Network Star pg. 57 “ASIDE FROM MY CONSTANT QUEST FOR SIX-PACK ABS? MY FAMILY IS LOOKING FOR A NEW HOME— ONE WITH A BATHTUB THAT I CAN FIT IN.” Jeff Mauro Sandwich King; The Kitchen pg. 24 “I’M IN THE THROES OF TURNING A 1920S BUILDING IN THE HEART OF HOLLYWOOD INTO A EUROPEANSTYLE BUTCHER SHOP AND RESTAURANT NAMED GWEN.” Curtis Stone All-Star Academy pg. 50 Ree Drummond The Pioneer Woman pgs. 24, 32 Ina Garten Barefoot Contessa pg. 120 Marc Murphy Chopped;…

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star spotlight

Camera-ready eyes “I get about five hours of interrupted sleep each night—I still breastfeed my baby. I don’t get dark circles when I’m tired, I get puffiness. So I drink a lot of water and massage my eyes with Crème de la Mer eye cream to get the circulation going.” The Eye Concentrate, $195 for ½ ounce; cremedelamer.com Skin saver “Washing my face with a Clarisonic brush and Crème de la Mer cleanser has made the biggest impact on my skin and stopped it from looking so dull. I know it’s on the expensive side, but I see it as an investment.” Clarisonic Mia 3, No-snack zone “My older son’s school is an hour away, and I need a car that’s big enough to carpool six kids, including the baby. I have rules for my…

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the youth vote

My kids don’t have a clue what I do all day at work. They know I work at a magazine, but beyond that, the details are unclear. “Um, I think you have lunch and meet with people all day?” said Sawyer, my oldest. “And you edit things, but I don’t know what that means.” Until recently, my daughters also knew very little about Food Network. I tried to introduce them to Guy’s Grocery Games a year ago, but it was totally over their heads. (When the show cut to a contestant interview, as reality shows often do, Sawyer, then 5, asked in shock, “Why is that woman talking right now!? She should be cooking! She’s going to run out of time!”) Everything changed, however, when we caught the first episode of…

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you asked...

Ree, what is the best way to store meals in the freezer to maximize shelf life? I use disposable foil pans wrapped in plastic and foil, but my food still tends to get freezer burn! Debbie Neville San Juan Capistrano, CA Air is the enemy when you’re storing food in the freezer. When I freeze a casserole, I first press plastic wrap directly on the surface of the food so there is a protective layer right on top. Then I wrap it thoroughly in aluminum foil. And I wrap grilled chicken breasts individually in plastic wrap before putting them into a larger plastic bag. If you aim to prevent air from touching the food, you’ll have better luck. —Ree Drummond Marc, my gnocchi always turns out gummy. Do you have any tips? Cathy Hunter via…

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in the know

O, What Fun! No, that’s not a typo: Cheerios got its start as Cheerioats when the cereal was introduced 75 years ago this month. Take this quiz and see how well you know your O’s. 1.When did Cheerioats become Cheerios? A. 1960 B. 1923 C. 1945 D. 1978 2.Which cereal has beat out Cheerios for best-selling cereal since 2009? A. Cap’n Crunch B. Honey Nut Cheerios C. Apple Jacks D. Lucky Charms 3.Where are Cheerios made? A. Buffalo B. Beverly Hills C. Grand Rapids D. Houston 4. Can you put these boxes in order from oldest to newest? ANSWERS: 1: C. 2: B. 3: A. 4: D, B, A, C.…