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DINNERS UNDER 500 CALORIES Try these light meals from our Weeknight Cooking section. Gnocchi with Bacon and Roasted Cauliflower Page 108 CALORIES: 490 Pork Tenderloin with Mushrooms and couscous Page 118 CALORIES: 470 peanut Noodle Bowls with Chicken Page 114 CALORIES: 440 Curried mussels with butternut squash and leeks Page 118 CALORIES: 430 Gut Feeling A healthy gut can benefit more than just your digestion: Good gut bacteria may help prevent certain types of cancer, a new study on mice found. Get your dose of probiotics from the pork and sauerkraut dish on page 110: Sauerkraut is loaded with “good” bacteria. Candy Run Some of that Halloween candy might be good for your workouts: A recent study found that athletes performed better and used less oxygen when they ate about an ounce and a half of dark chocolate each day. Researchers think this…

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Sandra Lee The Halloween Baking Championship judge tells us her secrets for looking good— on camera and off. Color scheme “When I became mom to Aspen [an American Eskimo dog], her hair got all over everything and I had to go with an all-white wardrobe. My white jeans are McGuire Denim. Like everyone, my weight fluctuates, but these jeans fit me no matter what. Now that Aspen has gone to heaven, I wear a lot of black, and people don’t recognize me.” McGuire Denim Majorelle Flare Jeans, $229; saksfifthavenue.com Skin saver “Unless I am shooting or doing red carpet, I am not going to be in full hair and makeup. My daily routine is about good skin care and drinking a lot of water. In the morning and at night, I use Espa Soothing Body…

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I’m sure you are tired of hearing national poll results, but let me share just one shocking new number—and it has nothing to do with Donald Trump. It has to do with pizza: In a recent Facebook poll, 47 percent of Food Network fans said they have the number of their local pizza place memorized or programmed into their phone. This seems crazy low to me. How is it not 95 or 100 percent? I have two pizza places in my contacts list, and one of them occupies the No. 11 spot (above both my dad, No. 14, and my kids’ pediatrician, No. 15 ). In fact, my husband and I call for delivery from Posto, in New York City, so often that when my daughter got a mini kitchen for…

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october 1 Start the month with shortcut cider doughnuts: Mix 1 cup confectioners’ sugar with 1½ tablespoons cider and a pinch of cinnamon; spoon on cake doughnuts. 2 Make apple-honey ice cream for Rosh Hashanah: Mix 1 pint softened vanilla ice cream with ½ cup apple pie filling; freeze. Serve drizzled with honey. 6 Cream of Wheat was reportedly invented on this day in 1893. Put a spin on the breakfast classic: Swirl in a little pumpkin puree and maple syrup; top with pecans. 8 Just a few weeks until Halloween! Make some spooky snacks (see page 166) and tune in to Food Network’s All-Star Halloween Spectacular tonight at 8 p.m. ET. 9 The Chicago Marathon is today. If you’re running there (or anywhere!), eat a banana first—it’ll fuel you up. 10 Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Make…

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Melissa, I struggle with making chicken pot pie. Do you have any tips on how to make the process easier? Tina L. Raccuglia via Facebook The filling for pot pie is pretty simple—you basically just cook chicken, vegetables and herbs in chicken broth with some flour and butter. Making the crust can be stressful, though. Forget homemaking it and instead use puff pastry from the freezer section. All you have to do is gently roll out a square of the pastry to cover your baking dish, then drape it over the top. It should bake perfectly! —Melissa d’Arabian Duff, how can I make angel food cake more fun while keeping it easy and delicious? Callie Brooks Jacksonville, AR Hey, Callie! I wouldn’t advise messing with the recipe for angel food cake, as it is super delicate…

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PHOTOGRAPH BY JEFF HARRIS True Blue This Halloween, teal is the new orange: Thousands of families across the United States are making trick-or-treating safer for kids with food allergies by placing a teal-painted pumpkin on their stoop—a sign they’re handing out nonedible goodies like glow sticks and spider rings instead of Snickers and Almond Joys. (We can hear dentists rejoicing, too!) You can help make this Halloween’s Teal Pumpkin Project the biggest yet: Paint a pumpkin teal, load up on nonedible treats, then add your address to the map at foodallergy.org.…