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Foxtel Magazine January 2019

Game of Thrones, Wentworth, A Place to Call Home, Selling Houses Australia and more! Foxtel magazine goes behind the scenes of some of the biggest shows in the world, to bring you unprecedented access to your favourite programs. With a sport section that includes chats with big name sports stars including Daniel Ricciardo and Tim Cahill, to TV and movie talk with Chris Hemsworth, Foxtel magazine is also the only place to find the entire month of program listings.

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The lazy days of summer are well underway, which means plenty of time to catch up on some of the best viewing. For Australia Day, we celebrate the nation’s finest Hollywood stars with a dedicated pop-up movie channel. An all-time great, The Sopranos turns 20 this month, so be sure to revisit this TV classic. From there, tick off The Wire and Boardwalk Empire before welcoming the return of Victoria, True Detective and fan favourite Call the Midwife, and new compelling real Australian crime with Ron Iddles: The Good Cop. Plus, we take a look ahead at what 2019 has in store. It wouldn’t be summer without cricket, so we also talk to former England Test cricketer Isa Guha, who’s bringing a fresh new voice to the FOX CRICKET commentary team. With a…

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in the know

SNEAK PEEK (Un)happy CAMPER David Tennant’s must-see new series puts the fun back in dysfunctional For his latest foray into television, former Doctor Who star David Tennant steps out of his comfort zone – in more ways than one. From long-time writing partners Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner (Girls), new eight-part comedy Camping finds the usually charismatic, dapper Scotsman well and truly under the thumb as downtrodden Walt. When his highly uptight, controlling wife Kathryn (Jennifer Garner) organises a camping trip with friends for Walt’s 45th birthday, the fun celebration soon descends into chaos. “I spend a lot of my time playing characters where I have to pretend to be much cooler and more suave than I really am,” Tennant (pictured) says with a laugh. “It’s very nice to just lean back and be a…

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how i keep on track

I love competing and having my game in good shape. When you get all that right, it’s the most amazing feeling. But it takes a lot of dedication. You need to find ways to reinvent yourself by setting goals. It’s not always about winning – it can just be a matter of working on your game. When you see improvement, it gives you the desire to do it in matches. I try not to listen to people when they class me as one of the greatest players ever. You have to keep your feet on the ground. A lot of great players came before me: Stephen Hendry, Steve Davis, John Higgins. To be classed as a great player, you have to do it over a sustained period of time. That’s something…

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neroli meadows

My current TV obsession is… Wentworth. When I watch TV I must have… it recorded on iQ, so I can fast-forward the ads. My dream evening of television viewing would include… Ooh, that’s hard! I would have Wentworth, The Kettering Incident and Secret City – those are such good thrillers. I also must admit that I’m a sucker for The Real Housewives franchise; New York City is my favourite. Bethenny Frankel is a bit of a legend. I’m not really a huge reality TV person, but the thing about The Real Housewives is it’s the furthest thing you can get from sport, so for me it’s like meditation. My dream television-watching companion is… my brother [actor Ian Meadows], because we just take the p*** and have a bit of fun, but I have…

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your say

Love it, love it and love it. [BBC First period drama Vanity Fair] is a great production and wonderful cast. Natalie Mrocki, via Facebook Loving the honest commentary from Shane Warne [on FOX CRICKET]. Keep it up. Jennifer Jansson, via Facebook [A Discovery of Witches is a] great series. Well worth watching. Victoria Male, via Facebook Love [Outlander’s] Lord John and David [Berry] is just terrific acting him out. Carol Amundsen, via Facebook Tell us what you think… Send an email to foxtel@mediumrarecontent.com or write to Foxtel magazine, Suite 58, 26-32 Pirrama Rd, Pyrmont, NSW, 2009, and see below to have your say via social media. FOLLOW US facebook.com/foxtel @foxtel instagram.com/foxtel foxtel.tumblr.com AS TOLD TO: CAROLYN HIBLEN. PHOTOS: FOX SPORTS; BBC FIRST…

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ask the expert

From Wentworth to Australia Day, The Kettering Incident and Devil’s Playground, Foxtel is the destination for award-winning drama, telling uniquely Australian stories that are among the world’s highest-quality viewing. And there’s more to come. This year sees the eagerly awaited return of Secret City, along with the debut of Tim Minchin’s eight-part project Upright and the Gothic four-part series Lambs of God – which promises to be groundbreaking and stars Essie Davis and Ann Dowd. But how does all this must-watch television get onto our screens? Foxtel’s Head of Drama, Penny Win, walks us through the steps required to take our favourite programs from idea to development and execution. Q: What is the process involved in bringing a first-rate Foxtel production to our television screens? A: This can be quite lengthy. It normally…