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Gardening Australia January 2019

Australia’s number one monthly gardening resource, ABC Gardening Australia magazine is packed with step-by-step advice and stunning design ideas from its popular team of experts. Whether you are a novice gardener or have a green thumb and years of experience, you’ll find the advice you need.

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One of the things a great gardening story does is spark a sense of urgency in the reader. Suddenly, there’s no time to be lost in planting, pruning, feeding, dividing or whatever the topic of the story was. That’s how I felt reading Arno King’s story on growing lotus. First was the snippet that lotuses are not related to waterlilies. Who knew? Then the revelation that not only are lotuses very beautiful, they’re easy to grow, they’re suitable for my climate, and they’re happy in pots – a vital piece of information, as I am not in the market for pond building! And I was particularly taken with the detail that in pots, it needs a substrate of garden soil, not potting mix, which may have had something to do with…

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The glorious ballerina tutu-like flowers of the eucalypts and their near relatives the bloodwoods (Corymbia spp.) are iconic Australian plants that give a sense of place to our gardens. Most eucalypts and bloodwoods are grown from seed, so the flowers’ timing, colour and size varies. The grafted forms produce the best flowers. Appearing again now in nurseries, Corymbia ‘Summer Red’ is grafted from a selected form of Albany red-flowering gum (Corymbia ficifolia), which grows 3–5m tall and up to 4m wide. It has a slightly weeping habit and big, glossy, dark green gum leaves with a light green reverse. New growth is reddish and appears in the warmer months. Mass terminal displays of hot pink to red flowers, each 2cm across, appear some time between November and March, with spot…

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The Antique Brass Planter from Satara is made from brass-coated steel and is a contemporary style designed for indoor plants. The round planter is 28cm wide and 28cm deep and sits in a stand that is either 42cm or 52cm tall. There is also a range of round and square planters available in white or black in varying heights. satara.com.au The stainless steel Garden Hook from CutAbove Tools is ideal for planting, cultivating garden beds, loosening soil and removing weeds. When attached to a Clip-on Handle, available in short (29.5cm) or long (extends to 1.1m) sizes, it makes pruning and harvesting easier, as you can use the hook to bring the branches closer. The handles can also be fitted to other stainless steel hand tools in the range. cutabovetools.com.au With a distressed…

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AUSTRALIAN DREAMSCAPES: THE ART OF PLANTING IN GARDENS INSPIRED BY NATURE Claire Takacs Hardie Grant Books Renowned photographer Claire Takacs’ exquisite photos profiling 22 gardens in diverse Australian landscapes are a mesmerising display of light-filled vibrant colours and textures in settings ranging from lush and green to semi-arid. Stories written by the gardens’ owners or designers are interwoven among the images and outline their motivation, struggles and triumphs in creating beautiful, abundant and biodiverse gardens. The focus is on more naturalistic approaches to design and planting, creating visually appealing gardens that are in sync with their environs and without excessive use of resources, such as water. DIGGERS: 40 YEARS OF THE BEST GARDEN IDEAS The Diggers Club As part of The Diggers Club’s 40th anniversary celebration, this book combines their best gardening ideas, plants, seed…

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VICTORIA Until Mar 31 Moonlight Cinema Tues–Sun 7pm (films starts approx. 8.45pm). Central Lawn, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Melbourne Gardens, Birdwood Ave, South Yarra. $20. Advanced screenings, new releases, family films and cult classics. Food, drinks and alcohol available, or bring your own. Program, tickets and information at moonlight.com.au Dec 27 –Apr 22 Blue Lotus Water Garden 10am–5pm. 2628 Warburton Hwy, Yarra Junction. (03) 5967 2061. $18. Lotus flowers and tropical blooms spread over more than 5ha of landscaped grounds. Lakes, fountains, and plant exhibits to see, including the must-see Amazon waterlily. WESTERN AUSTRALIA All month Kings Park Guided Walks Daily 10–11.30am, noon–1.30pm, 2–3.30pm. Meet opposite Aspects of Kings Park Gallery Shop, Kings Park and Botanic Garden, Fraser Ave, Kings Park. (08) 9480 3600. Free. Wander among Western Australia’s native flora on ‘Treasures of the Botanic Garden’,…

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During a summer family holiday to Tasmania when my children, Rowan and Eleanor, were in primary school, I was bowled over by the flowers. So, apparently, were the kids. While we were all wandering along Arthur Circus, a historic precinct in Battery Point in Hobart, they were transfixed by one of the gardens and started pulling on my hands. No, they didn’t want to head back, they wanted to give me gardening advice. “Mum,” they said, pointing to lavender, “you need to grow this at home – it is so beautiful.” They had to be stopped from picking the flowers. Like me, they loved everything lavender had to offer, from its beauty to its fragrance, and all the bees. At that stage, home was at Kurrajong in the Blue Mountains, north-west of…