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Health & Fitness
Get Fit Quick with Couch to 5K

Get Fit Quick with Couch to 5K

Get Fit Quick with Couch to 5K

Filled with insightful tips on everything from running form to improving your diet, this bookazine will set you on the road to success in as little as ten weeks.

United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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In this issue

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get fit quick with couch to 5k

Running is an obvious choice when looking for ways to get fit and lose weight, or if you just want a new hobby. After all, it’s cheap, requires minimal kit and burns calories fast. However, it can be daunting when you are first starting out, which is where this book comes in. In Get Fit Quick with Couch to 5K, we‘ve compiled all of the essential advice you need to start running today. We look at everything from nutrition and hydration to what to wear, as well as how to train properly, the best ways to prevent injury, why you should enter a race and how to lose weight safely. We’ve also included guides to the best running kit on the market, from smartwatches and fitness bands, to the best…

15 min.
what is couch to 5k?

Couch to 5K is a concept that does exactly what you’d expect; to take people from doing no exercise at all through to being able to run 5K – or 3.1 miles if you prefer – after following a training plan. It’s not that simple, of course, as every individual will be starting from a different point: a different level of fitness, a different day-to-day lifestyle and a different health outlook. However, the joy of the programme is that anyone can follow it and set their own goals. The original Couch to 5K® Running Plan was devised by an American man called Josh Clark in 1996. He was fairly fit and only 20 years old; he knew that running would be of benefit to him if he could stick with it,…

1 min.
plan your graduation run

It might seem a while off, but in 10 weeks you could be graduating from the couch to 5K programme. Many people who undertake the programme find it beneficial to have a target in mind for their first 5K at the end of the training plan. For some, this could be a local race or parkrun (see the ‘parkrun welcomes couch to 5K runners’ boxout), where they will run the 5K distance for the first time. This can be a very good goal, as it gives you the motivation to keep going with the programme. However, for others, the thought of a public outing for their first 5K is terrifying. But you can still plan where and when you are going to do it, choose a nice route and use…

1 min.
why is couch to 5k so popular?

There are so many beginners’ running plans out there that it can be confusing working out where to start. The couch to 5K concept has become one of the most popular ways that people get into running. There are many reasons for this and why people choose this style of plan over the other running programmes available. First, it is attainable. It is much easier to get out and start Week 1 when you know exactly what you are expected to do, and that you’re only running for 60 seconds at a time. It’s also repetitive, so you really master a session before moving on, and this helps to build confidence. The way that it breaks the programme down means that you go into each week and feel like it’s possible,…

1 min.
parkrun welcomes couch to 5k runners

We mention parkrun a few times throughout this book, and for good reason. It is responsible for introducing more people to running than any other event. This is thanks to its truly all-inclusive nature and the way that it welcomes all runners, of any ability, whatever stage they are at on their running journey. parkrun is a series of 5K events held around the country on a Saturday morning at 9am (9.30am for those in Scotland). The premise is simple. You register online (www.parkrun.org.uk), which you only have to do once and it is completely free. Once registered, you will be emailed a personal barcode. You print this barcode out and take it along with you to your local parkrun. You can go to any event at any time. Just turn up…

1 min.
4 benefits of running

1 RUNNING WITH OTHERS MAKES YOU HAPPY Don’t run alone! A survey of the England Athletics RunTogether Community (http://runtogether.co.uk/) found that 89% of all runners said they had “increased happiness as a direct result of running with others or in a group”. Group runners are also shown to be more likely to be regular runners than those who run alone, said the same survey. 2 RUNNING CAN IMPROVE MENTAL WELLBEING We already know that running is good for our physical health, but it’s also amazing for your mental health, too. A poll by England Athletics (www.englandathletics.org) questioned 13,200 people over 12 months and 74% said that they found running good for their mental wellbeing. What better reason to get started? 3 AGE IS NO BARRIER You are never too old to take up running! Don’t…