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August 2021 - Issue #387

Each month, Golf Australia showcases great Australian courses and golfing holidays, profiles players and conducts road tests of the latest equipment. Leading PGA professional share instruction tips to improve your game and keep your handicap tumbling.

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“golf deserves its place”

Golf in the modern Olympic Games has been a much discussed topic, with little sign of finding a middle ground between those who believe it doesn’t belong at all and those supporting its inclusion. Numerous of the best male players in the game have chosen to skip this year’s Olympics in Tokyo, the majority eluding to travel concerns during the COVID pandemic, while others have referred to the busy schedule of the PGA Tour. The best women are not following suit, and their field in Tokyo will be outstanding. Before the return of golf to the Games in Rio, I was definitely in the camp that questioned the validity of golf’s place. However, having spoken with players and caddies from 2016, and to Ian Baker-Finch and Hannah Green for this issue, I have…

8 min
links lady bay

FLEURIEU PENINSULA • SOUTH AUSTRALIA To be frank, I didn’t think much of Links Lady Bay the first time I saw it back in 2000, not long after the back nine holes were completed to round out the full 18-hole course. But I have been back 15 or 16 times during the past two decades and, on each occasion, I have found something new to like about the course. I’ve come to appreciate the quality of the green complexes, the placement of the fairway bunkering and the routing, which takes into account the terrain and the wind direction. Combine this with the consistently high standard of presentation of the playing surfaces and it is easy to really enjoy a round at Links Lady Bay. The one thing I have always liked about Links Lady…

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“…the pga tour is a schedule long on predictability and short on innovation.”

It’s one of professional golf’s biggest jokes. Describing the leading practitioners as “independent contractors” is laugh-out-loud stuff, a phrase containing little or no relation to reality. Equally, irony is easy to find at the highest level. In a game packed with those supposedly devoted to right-wing political ideology, players are amazingly quick to transform into card-carrying trade unionists. When it suits them, of course. Originally devised by former CBS commentator, Gary McCord (coincidentally a non-winner in more than 400 PGA Tour events), the all-exempt system followed by every major circuit is but one example of the blatant protectionism that maintains an illegitimate status quo for the average and mediocre. Once in, it’s hard – or at least harder than it should be – to get out. Which is why second-division Tours…

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player power

Stories of professional athletes banding together and taking on the organisations or leagues that govern their chosen sport are many. And now professional golf in this country is preparing for its own between players and administrators. Born out of player frustration believing their concerns weren’t being heard, despite presence on the Tournament Players Committee (TPC), by the PGA Tour of Australasia, a group of players both men and women have come together to do something about it. “THE DISCONTENT AMONG LOCAL TOUR PLAYERS STEMS FROM THEIR COMPLAINTS REGARDING PLAYING OPPORTUNITIES, PRIZEMONEY AND STRUCTURE…” The newly formed Oceania Golf Players Association features some well-known names on its inaugural board, as well as some experienced non-golfers in the areas of players associations and the law. Bryden Macpherson, winner of the 2021 NSW Open, is President, Ladies…

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does this deserve a free drop?

yes JOE THOMAS Golf Australia magazine Top-100 Courses ranking judge Picture the scene … it should be easy because I’m sure you have all experienced it. You stripe your drive down the middle of the fairway and you’re feeling damn good about yourself. As you wander off the tee, your chest is puffed out … you’re walking pretty tall but as you edge closer to your ball there’s the realisation all is not well. Your ball is half underground in someone’s unfilled divot. It’s not a bacon rasher divot that all the swing gurus talk about, it’s a gouged-out trench halfway to middle earth. This is extremely frustrating on two levels. How hard is it to fill your divot with some sand people? Not HARD AT ALL (but that’s a rant for another day). At least if the divot…

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your playing partners hate…

WHEN YOU’RE LATE When your tee time is 10.48, don’t rock up to the 1st tee at 10.49 and keep your playing partners waiting while you find a ball, find a tee, slip your glove on and take two practice swings before even addressing the ball. Get there early! YOU STEPPING ON THEIR LINE Even though spike marks are something from yesteryear, it’s just good manners not to step on your playing partner’s line. AWKWARDNESS AFTER A DUMMY SPIT When you start throwing clubs all over the course, it makes it hard to engage in conversation. It’s like dealing with a toddler who has been told they can’t have an ice-cream. THE 18TH TEE SWING TIP Any player who has had a tough day on the course just wants to put the round behind them and get…