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Good Issue 60 May/June 2018

Good is the magazine for people who think and care about the everyday choices they make. Good is filled with inspirational stories, world-changing ideas and practical, down-to-earth advice on what to eat, grow, wear and more. Good is all about making better choices for your home, health, family and the community around you. It celebrates handcrafted, natural and simple pleasures and helps you to reconnect with things that really matter.

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@janelle.barone @bethanygrogers Leanne Moore Former interiors magazine editor Leanne now works from home in her century-old villa in Grey Lynn, Auckland, running her busy content agency, Cave Bureaux. Leanne describes her home’s style as graphic boho. “I strongly believe the things we surround ourselves with at home can say a lot about us. I love natural fabrics, prints and pattern and bold colour.” Check out her story on visual artist Deborah Crowe’s fabulous Auckland apartment on page 74. Janelle Barone Janelle works for Melbourne-based illustration agency and creative consultancy, Makers Mgmt, with her incredible drawings adorning the columns of Good each issue. Janelle started seeing illustration as a viable career path while studying graphic design at university. “Every visual solution I came up with had some form of illustration incorporated into it, so I decided…

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the power of   collectively working together

@goodmagazinenz good.net.nz goodmag When I was five, my parents took my brother and me on our first overseas adventure, travelling to South Africa, England and Singapore. The experience of these three very different cultures opened up my eyes early on to the diversity of the world we are part of, and instilled in me a love of travel and different cultures. So, I could hardly contain my excitement when I was invited to travel to Japan for Good magazine (see my story on pages 57-62). Japan, as everyone promised me, is like no other place on Earth, and the way the Japanese people are so respectful of one another enchanted and intrigued me. If they are sick or suffering from hayfever, they cover up with a face mask out of consideration for others. Litter is absent…

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your feedback

Was given this mag – awesome read! Even some vegan yumminess. Was also happy to see @lulasticblog in there. I recommend this mag @goodmagazinenz. @conscious_ali via Instagram Sitting here at my desk reading the latest copy of @goodmagazinenz and pinching myself – seriously love my library job. Where else can I be surrounded by academia, creativity, books and magazines. #goodmagazinenz #magazinecover #librarian #academiclibrarian @kym.kane via Instagram On my birthday, at the beginning of March, to my surprise I retrieved from my mailbox a copy of Good magazine. Thinking my daughter must have paid for the subscription for my birthday, I sat down to read it. Later that day I texted her to say thanks, also adding what a vibrant and informative read it was. She knew nothing about it. I am now waiting with baited breath to…

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good times

Resene Architecture & Design Film Festival MAY 3–JULY 8, NATIONWIDE Acclaimed films on architecture and design. resene.co.nz/filmfestiva Auckland Writers Festival MAY 15–20, AUCKLAND Events and seminars with well-known writers from around the world. writersfestival.co.nz Courage, Connection and Badassery JUNE 2, AUCKLAND Six inspiring speakers to help you create change in your life. shesaysevents.com Documentary Edge International Film Festival MAY 9–JUNE 4, WELLINGTON & AUCKLAND Docos from some of the world’s best filmmakers. docedge.nz LUX Light Festival MAY 18–27, WELLINGTON Spectacular light art illuminating Wellington’s waterfront and city laneways. lux.org.nz World Environment Day JUNE 5, WORLDWIDE This year’s theme is Beat Plastic Pollution. worldenvironmentday.global Feast Marlborough MAY 10–13, MARLBOROUGH Four days of delicious artisan food and wine. feastmarlborough.nz Winter Food and Wine Classic JUNE 1–24, HAWKE’S BAY More than 50 events over four weekends, set in stunning locations. fawc.co.nz World Ocean’s Day JUNE 8, WORLDWIDE Preventing plastic pollution and encouraging solutions for a healthy ocean. worldoceansday.org Beauty Oils…

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good stuff

Good for the soul Independent stationery boutique Pepa in the ‘post quake’ Christchurch Arts Centre is built on much more of a foundation than your standard retail space. Its founder Ami Muir has goals for New Zealanders to send and receive more mail. “I also want Pepa to be a place that offers inspiration and, in a way, time,” Muir says. Sitting down with pen and paper and carefully considering each word is becoming less common as the world speeds up and digital communication grows. It’s a craft so many of us love but we’re not finding the time for. Words let us dream and escape and writing offers us mindful moments in our very busy world. Pepa is all about inspiring people to write, reminding them how good it feels and…

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pomegranate kitchen

pomegranate.org.nz Warm falafel, flaky baklava, fresh fattoush – a meal from Pomegranate Kitchen is as tasty as it is impactful. The food of this social enterprise is made by people from refugee backgrounds, giving them employment and a connection to their new country. The idea came about when Rebecca Stewart worked for New Zealand Red Cross, meeting refugees who wanted to work but faced a lack of local experience, language barriers and childcare needs. “At the same time, my business partner (and step-mum), Ange, was worried they might not be able to get the ingredients they needed to connect with each other and their new community through the sharing of food,” says Stewart. They put their heads together and came up with the concept of a catering service. They planned for six months,…