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 / Men's Lifestyle
GQ Australia

GQ Australia July / August 2019

GQ is the essential style guide for modern men, from grooming tips to fashion details, seductive menus to great travel ideas and the latest bars in which to drink and be seen. GQ Australia is a provocative mix of the very best writing, strong visuals and an unrivalled sense of achievement, intelligence and irreverence, the ultimate urban men's tip-sheet. It's the pinnacle of the premium men's lifestyle magazine market and covers style, culture, entertainment, tech, health, sport, luxury and life.

News Life Media Pty Limited
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6 Issues


3 min.
the editor’s letter

There are many reasons why I love films. Yes, they can be thrilling or entertaining, or just a chance to zone out, but at their best, they offer a rare insight into another person’s creative vision, a chance to see the world through someone else’s eyes. That, and the fact I’m quite partial to a choc-top. Snacks aside, if I had to put my finger on just one thing that has fuelled my love of cinema, a single reason why I’ve learned to not just watch movies but to truly appreciate them, it wouldn’t be hard to pick: Brad Pitt. I’ve never been a big on-screen violence guy, but when Fight Club and Snatch arrived within a year of one another, I was sold. They cemented Pitt as an actor whose…

2 min.
gq australia

CONDÉ NAST Chief Executive Officer Roger Lynch IN THE USA Artistic Director Anna Wintour INTERNATIONAL President Wolfgang Blau Chairman of the Board of Directors Jonathan Newhouse EDITOR MIKE CHRISTENSEN DEPUTY EDITOR JAKE MILLAR ACTING ART DIRECTOR CHLOE YEOMAN CHIEF SUB-EDITOR CHRISTOPHER RILEY STAFF WRITER AMY CAMPBELL CONTRIBUTING EDITOR DAVID SMIEDT FASHION ASSISTANT HARRIET CRAWFORD CREATIVE DIRECTOR JILLIAN DAVISON DIGITAL EDITORIAL DIRECTOR JULIA FRANK COMMERCIAL EDITOR MARCUS THOMPSON DIGITAL EDITOR NIKOLINA ILIC ONLINE CONTENT PRODUCER BRAD NASH SENIOR PRODUCER LAUREN BARGE CONTRIBUTORS Georges Antoni, Jean Black, Richard Brown, Rebecca Burrell, Jess Campbell, Mira Chai Hyde, Richard Clune, Ella Donald, Jeremy Drake, Angus Fontaine, Josh Hammer, Elle Hardy, Kevin Hunter, Charlie Kielty, Julian Kingma, Pete Lennon, Samantha McMillen, Jeannette Montgomery Barron, Kelsey Niziolek, Dan Rookwood, Ben Sanders, Sarah Starkey, Hugh Stewart, Art Streiber, Bryce Thomas. INTERNS Lauren Eldridge, Joseph Fenaughty, Molly Gibbons, Steve Kavakos, Nicole Iliagoueva, Jannine Marpuri, Jordon Ngo, Nick Neil, Louis Oblin, Monica…

3 min.

LAUREN BARGE PRODUCER What does a typical day producing shoots for Vogue and GQ look like? No day is the same. That’s what keeps my role so exciting. Working on local and/or international production will determine how I need to address the day, whether it’s creative meetings, talent casting, client liaising, prop sourcing, reconciling budgets or working with the teams to ensure a seamless shoot. What’s the best thing about your job? The people that I work with. Producing for Vogue and GQ, I am constantly surrounded by Australia’s top creatives. Fave shoot you’ve worked on for this issue? I really loved working on Sarah Starkey and Georges Antoni’s proportions shoot (p124). Creatively it’s always great to work with a new team and fresh eye. The shoot turned out really beautiful: full of movement,…

1 min.
gq online

Strawberry season The one time of the year in which the sun shines on the UK – Wimbledon is here. We’ve got you covered with not only everything big that happens at the grandest Grand Slam of them all, but all the on-court style we’re digging the most. STICKY WICKETS It could prove to be a mighty fine month on Britain’s sporting calendar. Aside from Wimbles, we’ll also be keeping tabs as one of the most hotly anticipated Ashes series in years descends on the UK. ONCE UPON A TIME... IN HOLLYWOOD Away from the sporting arena, it’s all about one movie. Tarantino is back, and he’s putting Leo and Brad Pitt together on screen for the first time. We’ll bring you the full breakdown – frame by frame if we have to. VENICE FILM FESTIVAL An…

1 min.

DRY JULY To help you get through the longest month of the year, our round-up of the top five non-alcoholic beers shines light into the breweries breathing life into one of food and drink’s most depressing concepts. THE AEGEAN There’s more to the glittering Greek islands than day clubs and white-roofed buildings. We took it upon ourselves to bring you the best places for your winter vacay that aren’t Mykonos. ROAD TESTS Not a day goes by that we don’t get an email about some kooky new health trend to try out, from LeBronapproved recovery boots to overnight pimple pads. Our solution? Try them all, and let you know what we think.…

4 min.
dan rookwood says put. down. the. phone.

My name is Dan and I am a phoneaholic. Chances are, you also have an unhealthy dependency. Bet you’ll feel the urge to check social media or email even while reading this column. I’ll try not to take it personally. The average person touches their phone 2617 times a day, according to a 2016 study. For the heaviest 10 per cent of users (guilty, y’honour), it’s 5427 touches a day. Over a third of us check our phones within five minutes of waking up (for many people it is the very thing that rouses us in the first place). And 79 per cent scroll in the hour before sleep. We panic if we mislay our phone, feel anxious if the battery drains, and some of us experience those phantom vibrations in…