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the editor’s letter

“Our influences are the people we surround ourselves with, what we read, what we watch on TV. What I like about GQ magazine is there’s a definite attempt to turn people's attention in the right direction, have a positive influence on a body of people and be aware of change. Magazines are like movies – pure entertainment is just as beneficial.” Some things are just meant to be. Chris Hemsworth was meant to be a magazine editor. Not a Hollywood actor, or a cover star – an editor. And this issue, we’re pleased to announce he’s become one. As we gear up to celebrate our 20 birthday at our Men of the Year awards on November 14, we reflect on what it means to be a GQ man in 2018. Hemsworth is…

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RICHARD BROWN WROTE OUR STORY ON WATCHES IN FILM, P94 Remember the first watch you ever bought? It was a polished-steel ‘Signalman’, the first watch from Sussex-based watchmaker Schofield. I loved its bold aesthetics and insane attention to detail. The man behind the brand, Giles Ellis, is a design genius. I was lucky enough to secure one of the last of the 300 models made. And your dream watch? The ‘Grand Lange 1 Moonphase Lumen’ from A Lange & Söhne. A super-stealthy 2016 launch with semitransparent glass and a moonphase lasered with 1164 glow-in-the-dark stars. Unbelievably cool and not what you’d expect from the typically conservative Lange. Outside of watches what’s your favourite indulgence? Anything from Private White VC, an English outfitter that manufactures most of its clothes by hand in Manchester, England. You’re based in London –…

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gq online

GQ IQ FAST LANE BMW is helping pave the way for a sustainable, autonomous future but, thankfully, is refusing to sacrifice aesthetics to do so. The BMW ‘i8 Roadster’ is bridging the gap between performance and sustainability with its futuristic exterior and powerful electric motor boasting 105kW/250Nm of torque. SPRING CLEAN Lighter fabrics, shorter sleeves and cool outerwear (that can still fend off spring showers), this season we’ve got the swerves to help you embrace the fresh spring air – and the current ‘anything goes’ moment in menswear. You wouldn’t brave winter without performance gear, don’t enter spring without a stylish update on last year’s garms. Follow us @GQAustralia Tag us #GQAustralia…

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gq directory eat • shop • play

Japan’s best ski resorts While there’s few things that beat the Aussie landscape, if you’re an avid skier, you need to head to these Japanese hot spots ASAP. See more at GQ.com.au Indulge your sweet tooth Forget savoury snacks and throw those healthy greens out the window, we’ve found the best dessert spots in Sydney and Melbourne. See more at GQ.com.au Friday drinks 2.0 Spoil all five senses with the hoppy, malty goodness we discovered at Sydney’s best breweries. See more at GQ.com.au…

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the agenda

THE ACTOR AND 2017 WINNER OF THE HEATH LEDGER SCHOLARSHIP DISCUSSES THE IMPORTANCE OF THE AWARD AND HOW IT’S INSPIRING AUSTRALIANS TO SUCCEED IN HOLLYWOOD. There aren’t that many moments when you can be certain your life is set to change course, but one of them arrived for me in mid-2017. That June, I was announced as the recipient of the annual Heath Ledger Scholarship, a platform that I was able to jump off and land among a team of people with whom I enjoy working to this day. They provide incredible opportunities and introduce me to decision makers. I also now get invitations to events that let me rub shoulders with many people that I admired from afar for so long. More than that, the scholarship provides a valuable leg-up into…

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jaden smith

“I have a goal to be the most craziest person of all time.” Jaden Smith might be one of the most self-aware 20-year-olds in Hollywood. That’s not to say he’s particularly grounded in reality – the Syre rapper’s social media persona is a kind of cryptic existential journey that is somehow refreshing. But rarely do people born into fame exhibit such an acute awareness of their own celebrity, nor do they display such a desire to be considered separately from it. Ever since he declared he wanted to be “emancipated” from his parents (or their fame, which in hindsight, is probably what he meant) it’s felt like he’s been on a very conscious, very public journey of artistic discovery. To paraphrase: in 2012 at age 14, he dropped his debut mixtape The…