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climate change: a call to action from madrid

EN ESTE ESPECIAL abordamos la creciente preocupación mundial sobre el cambio climático, haciendo un repaso de la pasada Cumbre del Clima COP25 celebrada en Madrid y extrayendo sus principales conclusiones desde la perspectiva de los Gobiernos chileno y español. Tras ello, nos sumergimos en un artículo apasionante de la prestigiosa escuela SciencesPo sobre la nueva Geopolítica de la Gobernanza Climática y cómo afectará a los años futuros. Por último, en el artículo estrella de este especial, el Dr. Loembe nos abre un nuevo campo apenas conocido entre el Cáncer y el Cambio Climático, intrínsecamente relacionados. Y ahora os invitamos a profundizar en él para enriquecer la concienciación sobre la importancia del Cambio Climático y sus efectos. IN THIS SPECIAL issue we address the global concern regarding climate change, revisiting the last…

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press note

1 DECEMBER 2019 In Madrid today, the President COP25, Minister Carolina Schmidt, presented a renewed alliance of countries and Non-State Actors who determined to follow the recommendations of science as regards climate change. Chile has led this alliance after a request of the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, in the context of the 2019 Climate Summit. Minister Schmidt announced that 103 nations have signaled their intention to submit an enhanced climate action plan (or Nationally Determined Contribution), and she acknowledged those 11 nations who have started an internal process to boost ambition and have this reflected in their national plans by 2020, asestablished in the Paris Agreement. This group represents 114 nations in total. She also stated that 120 countries plus the EU (121 total), alongside 15 regions, 398 cities,…

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nota de prensa

CLAUSURA DE LA CUMBRE DEL CLIMA LA COP25 SIENTA LAS BASES PARA QUE LOS PAÍSES SEAN MÁS AMBICIOSOS ANTE LA EMERGENCIA CLIMÁTICA • El acuerdo pide un aumento de la ambición de los compromisos de lucha contra el cambio climático en 2020, siguiendo el calendario marcado en el Acuerdo de París • Manifiesta la “urgente necesidad” de que esos nuevos compromisos de los países salven la brecha existente en los actuales con respecto al objetivo de París • Reivindica que ese aumento de la ambición sea coherente con lo que dice la Ciencia y exige la gente en la calle • Reconoce la acción climática de los actores no gubernamentales, les invita a que la incrementen y generalicen estrategias compatibles con el clima • Se compromete a trabajar y profundizar en las…

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A think tanks statement Conclusion statements by Elcano Royal Institute (RIE) and IDDRI, co-organisers of the think tanks workshop “Geopolitics of increasing climate ambition”, held at Elcano Royal Institute on December 11th, 2019. The workshop gathered senior researchers from RIE (Madrid), IDDRI (Paris), SEI (Stockholm), ODI (London), Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, LSE (London), Fundacion Torcuato Di Tella (Buenos Aires), Transforma (Bogota), E3G (Europe), South Centre (Developing countries, based in Geneva), Energy Foundation China (Beijing). Foreign policy and climate think tanks from Europe, Latin America, China, Africa have gathered to identify the most important strategic conditions for increasing climate ambition in a conflictual geopolitical context. Their main conclusions and proposals for enhanced ambition are provided below. Climate change at the centre of geopolitical disruptions 1. Climate change is becoming a…

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on climate change and health

Health, good health of course, is the necessary and imperceptibly prior condition for our stability and our physical and emotional well-being. Our quality of life, and that of our loved ones, relates in many ways to the degree of strength of our health. That´s the reason why we fight all the endogenous and exogenous actions that disturb it or that deteriorate its normal healthy and balanced state. The quality of air, water, food, sanitation services and health care at different territorial and outpatient levels, allows us to measure the general physical health around us and the healthy or perverse effects of these matters over people and the social community where their lives unfold. The fight against climate change integrates many elements of health defense and protection, as well as against…

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