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Harper's Bazaar Australia November 2019

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welcome to bazaar woman and bazaar man

IT MAKES SENSE that the most exciting talent in acting and music should also be the most adventurous when it comes to personal style. This month, we bring you not one but two Australian cover stars, both having a serious impact on the entertainment and fashion scenes. Canberra-raised actor Samara Weaving’s performance in the upcoming comedy-horror flick Ready or Not proves she’s a scene-stealer despite the seriously heavyweight names she is increasingly cast opposite — a quality that has seen designer Nicolas Ghesquière tap her to appear in Louis Vuitton campaigns for several seasons now, alongside the likes of Michelle Williams, Alicia Vikander and Chloë Grace Moretz. Last month, the BAZAAR team flew to LA to shoot the now West Hollywood-based 27-year-old, the results of which can be seen on page…

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Tim Ashton The Brisbane-born photographer began his career overseas, first in Miami and then New York City, before moving to Sydney, which he now calls home. He photographed the Visionary Man portfolio (BAZAAR Man, page 33): seven men who are breaking boundaries within their respective fields, whether they are engaging with Indigenous businesses, addressing mental health awareness among men or building off-the-grid cabins in the Aussie wilderness. When I’m not on photoshoots, I can be found … “cooking! I love being in the kitchen and making food for my family and friends.” On my wish list is … “a KitchenAid, a new van and a getaway to a shack somewhere on the coast”. Right now I am most excited about … “the arrival of my third baby girl”. Mira Chai Hyde This groomer…

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ARM CANDY Can’t commit to a full wardrobe update? We’ve got your checklist for bags, bracelets and everything in between. BATHING BEAUTIES Take our advice on the swimwear brands, silhouettes and shades that are universally flattering and forever on-trend. SUMMER SKIN Prep your complexion for long days at the beach with the best moisturisers, sunscreens, fake tans, exfoliants and more. MEN WE LOVE As menswear reaches new heights, we hero the gents elevating their dress sense. Introducing our male style muses. SPRING FLING With warm weather incoming, we round up the best ways to dress for the new season, trackside or poolside. ’TIS THE SEASON Minimise the pain of last-minute Christmas gift-sourcing with our tailored luxury shopping guides. ARE YOU FOLLOWING US ON INSTAGRAM? Gain insider access to the fashion industry, the red carpet and the latest in Hollywood by following @BAZAARAUSTRALIA. GETTY IMAGES;…

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samara weaving

It was love at first sight for Louis Vuitton’s artistic director, Nicolas Ghesquière, when he spotted Australian actor Samara Weaving on a broadcast of the 2018 Golden Globes. Since then, she’s starred in LV campaigns and perched front row for shows, gushing to BAZAAR that she loves the label because it’s “classic style that’s ageless. It’s a little daring, a little risky, but I believe I could look back in 10 years and still love it.” When she’s shopping for herself, Weaving says she loves Australian brands such as Zimmermann and Aje. She’s also a woman aware of her proportions, which translates to a sense of style that is purposeful yet seems effortless. “I wear a lot of high-waisted pants and flares to elongate my legs,” she says. “I [usually]…

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my wish list lolita jacobs

STYLE My style: YOUNG, ACTIVE MOTHER! But also MINIMAL, with a SUBTLE FEMININITY and always a touch of ECCENTRICITY. Favourite designers include Holiday Boileau, Re/Done for the perfect vintage Levi’s denim and Husbands Paris for custom-made suits. For the rest, I mostly wear VINTAGE. I like Loewe for their perfect natural tan leather BUCKET BAGS; and vintage Hermès from resee.com. I am obsessed with BIRKENSTOCKS — the classic taupe suede Arizona or Boston. Winter, like summer. Or a pair of delicate Moroccan sandals by Louis Barthélemy. I always covet REPOSSI jewellery because Gaia is a friend and I love her work. Otherwise a vintage Cartier Crash watch because it reminds me of Dalí’s painting The Persistence of Memory. Sinum is a young, poetic jewellery brand by my friend Robert Luke Strang; I…

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does anybody like me?

SINCE ENTERING the workforce in large numbers in the 1970s, women have been offered two choices: be a successful bitch or a well-liked failure. We’ve all seen — and perhaps are guilty ourselves of indulging in — the biases and double standards women face at work. A woman who emulates the traits of a decisive and effective leader is deemed bossy and harsh, with the insinuation she’s pulled herself up the career ladder by her claws. A woman who shows more emotion is assumed to be too weak for a position of power, with the implication she’s a pushover and her talents would be put to better use organising the office Christmas party. This is the double bind in which women find themselves entangled. Hillary Clinton summed it up perfectly…